Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

        The party of the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

        The past year ended on three first page events, the opening of the Kfar Falous passage, the Arab financial deposit in the Central Bank and the prolongation of the mandate of the Presidency of the Republic.

        The Guardians of the Cedars feel it is important to make the following clarifications:

        First: The great vexations encountered by the citizens on the Kfar Falous passage, especially in as far as obtaining passage permits and the recent shelling aimed at it, were a spiteful response to what happened on the first day of the encounters of the Lebanese coming from each side. It was realised that the pursuit of the encounters would unmask the truth of civil peace imposed by the Syrians and reveal the factors of profiteering and threats that make it possible. It would also expose the false claims justifying maintaining its geographical and psychological closure for more than twelve years.

        Second: As for the Arab bank deposit, the party feels that it is far from uninterested. As a matter of fact, the failure of the regime in drawing foreign and domestic funds to bolster the national treasury left the door wide open to the oil rich Arab countries to profit from this situation by providing these dubious deposits which are clearly political and designed to bolster this shaky regime, and in no way to bolster the Lebanese economy and strengthen the pound as they claim.

        Third: The rumours tossed about by the Taef brasshats and the media, regarding the prolongation of the mandate of the President of the Republic, is ostensibly a sordid political barter regarding the promised presidential and municipal elections, but in reality, it is an attempt at doping and diverting the attention of the Lebanese people who are overwhelmed with more than one dilemma. Indeed the Lebanese who were humiliated by the results of the past ten years, are convinced that any prolongation or "election" under the auspices of the current occupations will be unproductive since it will be dictated by the occupant, and will in no way reflect the will of the Lebanese.

        It remains for us to tell the Taef gang that their political charlatanism is known by everyone; they may stay in power for some time, but genuine power will always be in the hands of the noble Lebanese whose honour is their breed, whose good breed their rampart and whose expectancy is in God...

            Time will show!

At the service of Lebanon.
The Chief,

Etienne Sacre.