The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

There probably has never been a country with such a bad lot of rulers than the ones Lebanon has had since independence, most of whom distinguished themselves by treason, ignorance, and greed for money and power. Which explains the total state of dissolution that grips the nation today, as well as the state of war that has yet to end, and the pervasive destruction in both the human and material elements of the country.

Yet, it takes one to know the cause of all this, and the sad story no longer surprises anyone. Perhaps it is well to remind the Lebanese people of the horrific political crimes that were committed by those rulers against the people and their suffering beloved country.

First, the first President of the Independence era who, by enlisting Lebanon as a member of the Arab League, in fact delivered it into a viper’s nest. Then in 1948 he decided to host the Palestinian refugees in order to get their votes in his re-election campaign against his opponents in the “Bloc National” Party. The refugees became a time bomb that exploded in 1975 and bled Lebanon almost to death.

Then there were those who signed the cursed Cairo Agreement of 1969, which allowed a stream of weapons to flood the Palestinian camps and formally legalized the Fedayin Guerrilla warfare against Israel from Lebanese territory. To this day, the south remains a war front.

The Melkart Agreement was next in 1973. It confirmed the Cairo Agreement and surrendered more of Lebanese sovereignty. It ordered the Lebanese Army to desist from invading the Palestinian camps and stay inside its barracks. Naturally, this led to the collapse of the army. The people were left with no choice but to build a substitute army of a few militias that were improvised from the ranks of our great people’s active forces and which confronted and defeated the Palestinian conspiracy.

It was not long before disputes emerged between the militias and between their leadership, and our sacred national war descended into a tribal conflict typified by the Ehden massacres in 1978, Safra in 1980, the War of the Mountain in 1983, and lastly the War of Elimination of 1990 that eliminated the Lebanese Resistance, and with it almost Lebanon itself.

Then there were those who abrogated the May 17 Accord in 1984, which was a lost opportunity to save Lebanon. Then the traitors who signed the Taef Accord in 1989, opening the way for the ruling gang at the helm today to convert Lebanon into a free-for-all where the state’s resources are embezzled, the treasury is bankrupt, the people are impoverished and wanting, and the country’s people, institutions, and land sold out to the Syrian occupation.

Lebanon’s predicament in these terrible times is not only its rulers but also its outside enemies attacking it from three directions. The first is the Saudi regime that is the ultimate masterminder of the entire conspiracy. The second is the Syrian regime that is its major spearhead. And the third is Yasser Arafat and his terror organizations that are the Trojan horse to execute the conspiracy.

And in the face of this posse attacking us from the outside and the inside, on wonders: can the little country come out alive from the ordeal?

The answer is yes. First because the Saudi regime’s influence within the US administration is waning after September 11. Second, because the Syrian regime is on the ledge after the US war on Iraq. Third, because Yasser Arafat left Lebanon defeated along with his armed gangs. Fourth, because the rulers of Lebanon and the Taef bunch in particular have been exposed for what they really are and not even the fig leaf can hide their shame in the eyes of the people. And finally, because Lebanon is a land of saints, its roots reach to the depth of history, and not even the gates of hell can defeat it

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,

June 21, 2003.