The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Of all the great crimes committed by the Taef regime against the nation, we focus in this statement on two well-know crimes that typify the regime’s abomination and its continued deliberate treason.

The first is the wholesale selling of Lebanese land to non-Lebanese, especially to Arabs, such that the total real estate owned by foreigners during the past 2 years (2001 and 2002) has reached 959,027 m2, the same surface area that was sold to foreigners during the past 32 years (1969 through 2001).

The Kuwaitis by far hold the first place of landowners for 2001, having purchased 391,600 m2 in real estate, followed by the Qataris, Saudis, and nationals of the United Arab Emirates. For 2002, the Saudis occupy the first place, followed by the Kuwaitis, Emirates nationals and Qatar coming in 4th place. Foreign companies have seen their share of purchased real estate increase to 134,463 m2.

It is noteworthy that most of these sales were concluded by presidential decrees issued by the Taef government in a selective and exceptional manner, and that the real estate sales activity was localized to specific regions in Lebanon, namely in the districts of Kesrouan, Baabda, Metn, Aley, and Beirut. It is also of note that, according to informed sources, the proportion of sales contracts that are not registered in the real estate deed records is very high. Which means that the ownership share of foreigners is much greater than what is declared officially. Finally, we note that the Taef regime has offered inducements to those wishing to acquire Lebanese land. These consist in raising the maximum allowed ownership from 5% of the surface area of a province to 3% of the surface area of a district, reducing registration fees from 16% to 5% of the value of the real estate, and facilitating official procedures and the means to obtain the required documentation to complete the sales contract.

The informed sources add that the rate of land purchases has been increasing, indicating that the Taef regime has converted Lebanon into a “For Sale” country.

The second crime is the naturalization of large numbers of illegal migrants, most of whom are Syrian, Palestinian, Arabs, Kurds, and others. We do not have at present any accurate statistics on the final numbers of naturalized individuals, but the sources tell us that they are in the tens of thousands. The Taef government’s recent decision to forward the naturalization decrees back to the Foreign Affairs Ministry for review is nothing but trickery and deception aiming at covering up this crime whose dangerous scope is to replace the Lebanese people with another people.

The Taef gang is mistaken in the thinking that Lebanon is so forsaken and abandoned because we plan to take the following steps at the next available opportunity:

• Nullify all contracts that took place under the Taef regime and expropriate the land to the benefit of the State according to truth N° 7 of the party’s fourteen truths which says: After the Lebanese citizen has become second in land ownership, not one inch of the land of Lebanon will be sold to a foreigner.
• Cancel all naturalization decrees issued by the Taef regime, and pursue a dogged determination to evict all foreigners and migrants from our land, according to truth N° 8 of our fourteen truths: After the legal settlement of those forgotten Lebanese or those Lebanese with outstanding cases, the Lebanese citizenship will be granted only to individuals on condition that these individuals are gifted or have offered great services to Lebanon.
• Prosecute the ruling gang in an extraordinary court of law with anyone that has collaborated with them in committing these crimes that are dangerous to the nation.

We can no longer find in Arabic language dictionary qualifiers and adjectives to describe these criminals, but we say that baseness itself now has contempt for them.

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,
August 08, 2003