The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

In its August 24, 2003 issue (N° 14732), the Saudi magazine "Medina" reports that Saudi nationals have bought real estate in Lebanon during June and July of this year to the tune of 1,000 apartments and 0.5 million m2 of land in various regions of the country. Demand by Gulf Arabs for the services of real estate agents has skyrocketed, and some Gulf Arabs are reported to have even moved to Lebanon with their families for permanent residence there.

We were stunned by this news, first because of the feeling that Lebanon is rapidly disappearing, with the ruling gang executing their conspiracy, one chapter at a time. And if only to show the magnitude of the catastrophe that is looming, we note that the total surface area of Lebanon is 10,452 Km2. This patch of land is rapidly shrinking at an alarming monthly rate to the point where the Arabs are capable, if not determined, to buy up all of Lebanon within several months, if our land continues to be openly sold like this in the Arab bazaar.

We also note that this invasion from the desert, not unlike successive waves of locusts, is timed with policies aimed at impoverishing the people of the country to get them to sell their lands and emigrate to other countries. In addition, the policy of reinforcing and strengthening the Syrian occupation aims at sowing despair in the hearts of the Lebanese and tame them into surrender, submission, and an acceptance of the fait accompli as is happening today.

Yet, what the ruling gang - and with them Arabs and foreigners alike - do not understand is that Lebanon has confronted similar, if not more dangerous, crises and predicaments before throughout its long history. In the end, Lebanon had the resilience to overcome them because of two God-given characteristics. First, patience, forbearance, and endurance in misery, suffering, and hardship. Second, there is a great deal of good substance to the Lebanese people, approaching the stuff of which saints are made, that makes them never yield to surrender, always stand up in confrontation to adversity, surmount hurt and pain, and in the end come together to win the war, even as battles may be lost along the way.

Therefore, and in accordance with the oath in which we made a commitment in the eyes of God to our fallen heroes and our comrades, and given the gravity of conditions in Lebanon, we reiterate yet again our determination to the following unshakable principles:

" Continue our resolute march till the end and at whatever cost
" Recover every last inch of our precious land no matter the cost because this is a covenant we hold and transmit across generations
" Bring back every young man or woman who left Lebanon because of despair, oppression, disgust, or want
" Hold accountable each and every one of those who conspired against Lebanon, whether from inside or outside the country, and pursue them wherever they may be and as long as it takes to find them and bring them to justice.

Finally, we remind the conspirators that the occupation of Lebanon has not ended, as they believe. The design they have of doing away with Lebanon remains a very arduous task for them, and it will always be that way. This is what happened in history, and this is what will happen in the future.

Beware, for the hour of reckoning is near!!

Abu Arz,
September 5, 2003