The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

What General Aoun said in the US Congress was fantastic, and that is why all hell broke loose against him in Lebanon where the agents and mercenaries lined up to hurl insults and false accusations at him. In fact, the tenor and viciousness of the verbal attacks show that the contents of his testimony were truly sublime, and the chorus of mercenaries and their Syrian masters in Damascus were seized with hysteria after the General hit the nail on the head!

General Aoun publicly said what the vast majority of the Lebanese people say in secret. He expressed their true repressed feelings, especially when he blamed the Syrian occupation and its local gang for the collapse of the State and the annihilation of the country, putting his finger on the raw wound and telling it like it is to world public opinion without all the tricks and contortions that are so common among Lebanon's politicians these days.

There are three sad and yet funny things to this shameful and base campaign: First, the mad race to please the occupier and the eagerness to betray the country take place against a backdrop of not a single Syrian voice condemning the General. Syria obviously has left the condemnations to a pitiful bunch of its agents who have perfected the art of barking. Second, the sight of these barking dogs going at it in the media and lecturing everyone else about patriotism and morality reminds us of the whore lecturing her daughter about virtue. And third, the sad sight of the judiciary becoming enslaved as a cheap tool for political repression.

To be fair to all the members of the barking gang, we divide them into three categories ranked by their degree of betrayal of their country:

First, there are the Cowards who bark because they are afraid of the whip of the occupation. Their barking is a punishment-avoidance behavior. They may be forgiven because fear is human and the sword of the occupier can be unforgiving, much as the examples of the killings of Sheik Hassan Khaled, René Moawad, and Bashir Gemayel demonstrated in the past.

The second category is that of the Chameleons, who change their tune and color with the circumstances. They bark perhaps without conviction, but for the sole objective of protecting their interests. That does not exculpate them, but may grant them attenuating circumstances.

The third category is that of the Professional Traitors who bark because of their passion for treason. They have perfected the art of political prostitution with will and premeditation, and they will have to account for their actions. Their punishment will be severe and in proportion to their treason.

And speaking of political prostitution, it appears to have spread from Lebanon to France, and to the highest levels there for that matter. There goes Mr. Jacques Chirac mobilizing all his energy to defend the sovereignty of Iraq, pleading with the Americans every day to lay out a time schedule for their withdrawal from Iraq within a period of a few months, when in contrast, and not too long ago, he went to Lebanon declaring from the rostrum of Parliament that the Syrian occupation should remain in Lebanon until a comprehensive peace is signed between the Arabs and Israel!!! If that is not the climax of political prostitution, then what is?

We extend our greetings to the "loving mother" who turned, in these dismal times, into a whore dancing in the laps of the Arabs!

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,
September 27, 2003