The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Three topics were of interest to us this week. First, the urgent legislation submitted by some of the collaborator parties to the Lebanese Parliament demanding that Palestinian refugees be allowed to own property in Lebanon. Second, the position of France on the Israeli attack against Damascus. Third, the interview of the Syrian President with the Italian CORRIERE DELLA SIERA.

On the first topic, the fingerprints of the Syrian regime are clearly all over the proposed legislation to allow Palestinians to own property in Lebanon because the parties that adopted it are all agents of the Syrian occupation: The National Syrian Party, the Socialist Party, the Arab Baath Party, the so-called "Block of Loyalty to the Resistance", in addition to several political figures who are determined at betraying Lebanon and selling it to foreigners. We also see the fingerprints of the Saudi regime on this legislation which falls well within the regime's old-but-improved plot to sell Lebanon to the Arabs and implant the Palestinians in it in association with, and by agency of, its partner the Syrian regime. We shall not comment on this subject further since it was discussed in previous statements. However, we warn the officials in Lebanon of the dire consequences of passing this proposal into law because of its extreme seriousness, and we remind everyone that whoever signs on this bill, or votes for it, shall be later subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

On the second subject, we note that the Lebanese chorus that denounced the Israeli attack on Damascus is the same that denounced the testimony of Michel Aoun at the US Congress. Which goes to show that there is one political orchestra in Lebanon under the direction of one maestro and which is motivated by one thing, namely to defend Syria and indulge in betraying Lebanon. The political pretext of Lebanon being Syria's weak flank as a justification for the Syrian occupation is now clearly and completely moot: Israel can strike directly and deep inside Syria and does not need to go through Lebanon to do that. The other pretext that Syria is in Lebanon to protect it from the Israeli threat is also political hot air because the Israeli attack showed that Syria is not even capable of defending itself against such a presumed threat, so how can it defend Lebanon? In the same vein, France rushed to denounce the Israeli attack with the argument that it violated Syrian sovereignty. We won't ask France its opinion about Lebanese sovereignty that is violated around the clock, but we take this opportunity to send a second salute to this whore that once called herself Lebanon's "loving mother".

On the third subject, we note the gigantic bunch of lies perpetuated by the Syrian President in his interview, especially when he attacks the American occupation that "took away the freedom of 26 million Iraqis while remaining silent over the half-a-million Syrians who were displaced from the Golan…" For our part, we find it pointless to ask his opinion on the millions of Lebanese who were displaced and whose freedom was taken away. We won't comment on his interview leaving it to the readers to make up their own mind. As to the scornful language and the condescending tone he uses to address the American administration, we see in it a glimmer of reason because the US Administration deserves derision and scorn for all the deadly mistakes it made in Iraq, primarily its silence over the terrorist regimes that continue to send volunteers to fight its forces there. Our only comment is "well deserved!" because stupidity is the perfect way to failure.

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,
October 11, 2003