The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

This week we commemorate the ill-fated date of October 13 that conjures up images of the invading predator pouncing on its prey after waiting for that moment for a very long time.

October 13 is a dark day in the history of Lebanon…

It is the day that saw the fall of Lebanon, and along with it the last bastion of freedom fell in this East that is drowning in tyranny, repression, and the crushing of the human spirit.

On this day we remember the savage invasion that ran over the free enclave and the Palace of the People, and with it the symbol and the hope… It destroyed the dreams of the people who had marched to the Palace recognizing in it their path to freedom and liberation.

We remember the savages who then indulged themselves in wantonly killing the Lebanese people, liquidating them in cold-blooded murder, and burying them in mass graves. And those who were not killed were taken to the jails of Syria where they were forever lost in the dark cells and dungeons of the Syrian regime's machinery, and to this date their whereabouts remain unknown.

We also remember the filthy bunch of agents and collaborators who joined the ranks of the savages in killing their own fellow Lebanese people!!

October 13 is a dark day too in the history of the Lebanese resistance…

It reminds us of the division within the resistance, and the infighting between people of the same camp, the same cause, and the same house. Were it not for that division, October 13 would not have been possible, the resistance would not fallen, the cause would not have been lost and its sons and daughters would not have emigrated, and all their sacrifices would not have been in vain, and the blood of the heroes would not have gone with the wind.

Let this painful memory be a lesson for unity and solidarity around the cause, not around individuals; around principles, and not around bosses and chiefs…Let it be a lesson for those who continue to live in the pre-October 13 era by speaking a language of discord and infighting in spite of all that has happened. Let it be a lesson for those who scramble for position, power, and control instead of coming together for the cause and the higher interest of the nation.

October 13 should lastly be a new platform for a fresh start for freedom, and not for submission and surrender. No one is blamed for falling. The problem is not getting back on one's feet up after falling.

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,
October 18, 2003