The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

As the region edges closer to the brink of disaster, and events unfurl with wide-open outcomes, we see Lebanon moving faster to the abyss. The Taif Republic behaves as if it were on another planet, starting with the endless bickering at the top, the widespread corruption, and ending with its abject bankruptcy in the political, financial sectors and its social policy. Add to all this the repressive measures that the Taif Republic continues to impose on the Lebanese people, having truly becoming a republic of terror and a state in which the free national will or whatever little is left of it is utterly repressed.

One of the latest feats of this bankrupt republic is subjecting the judiciary, yet again, to political motives, and issuing an arrest warrant in absentia against General Michel Aoun for "acting and speaking without permission from the Lebanese government, disturbing the relations of Lebanon with a sisterly country, and disseminating false information…"

Everybody knows that the Syrian occupation is behind this form of political assassination, after having for a long time excelled at physical assassination to liquidate its political enemies. It seems that the occupier was not content with the slander campaign that the band of barking dogs in Lebanon carried out for it against the General, and so it ordered the Lebanese judiciary to prosecute him in the hope of silencing him, reduce his popularity among the Lebanese people, terrorize his Patriotic Movement, and forbid him from returning to Lebanon. The outcome, however, was in favor of General Aoun and against the occupation.

For our part, we refuse any dialogue with this imbecile republic for we do not wish to lower our standards. But we pose the following questions to it for the sake of educating public opinion:

To General Aoun we say that the arrest warrant issued by the imbecile republic is a badge of honor on his chest and a witness in his favor. Many of us have received several of these badges over the past decade.

And to the imbecile, decaying and bankrupt republic we say: We despise you.

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,
November 1, 2003