The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The terror unleashed lately on Saudi Arabia reminds us of what Lebanon went through for two decades, and continues to suffer to this day. The difference being that the organized terror, itself originally produced and managed by the Saudi regime and which it exported to Lebanon in order to dismember it and kill its people, has now returned to bite Saudi Arabia and strike it in its own heart, and with noticeable ferocity. As if destiny has begun to take revenge for the blood of the Lebanese people.

These comments are not intended as a self-serving gratification of a thirst for revenge, but they are intended to remind everyone that justice is stronger than oppression, and that every state that attacked Lebanon directly or by proxy will sooner or later be punished, and anyone who oppressed the Lebanese people will see oppression turn against them. The Saudi regime is today harvesting what its vile hands sowed yesterday, and the Palestinians today are paying the price of the wholesale massacres they committed in Lebanon. Tomorrow the Syrians, and after them all the countries, numerous as they are, that participated from near or afar, from West or East, in killing this peace-loving nation and murder its innocent people.

Some of these countries participated in the slaughter by sponsoring the conspiracy against Lebanon, and they are guilty by association. Some remained silent and for having remained silent over the crime they are nonetheless equally guilty. Some just carelessly watched the tragedy, and lost their souls and with them their ethics and dignity.

What is painful, though, in the Saudi events is the sight of those Lebanese families who perished under the rubble for no other reason than having escaped their own homeland in search of livelihood, and the children who died for no other reason than to quench the thirst of butchers.

Even more painful is the disappointment of people at the stumbling of the American campaign against terrorism, for people now fear the success of the latter and the fall of the region in an endless cycle of bloody violence and into an age of darkness controlled by the fundamentalists and the rule of criminals and butchers. If anything, the difficulties of the campaign are due to ignorance, lack of understanding, and the reluctance to strike at the sources of terrorism instead of its tributaries.

The United States will never succeed in its campaign until it understands the following truth: The war on terrorism will fail if it does not win everything, and terrorism will succeed if it is not completely defeated.

Lebanon, at your service,
Abu Arz,
November 22, 2003