The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

A new year is upon us, yet we remain tangled up in tragedy. Lebanon is in limbo between life and death and our people are struggling in a vicious circle of occupation, oppression, need and anxiety over the future. And so we remind our comrades and our partisans that the celebrations we shunned on October 13, 1990 remain suspended today, and will remain so until liberation. We will celebrate liberation nowhere else but in Beirut and in our own headquarters.

Even if the holidays have lost their luster in our suffering homeland and the children no longer smile, we have no choice on this glorious occasion but to renew our faith in the Lebanese cause and all that it entails in meanings, values, and toil. We remember our brave martyrs and we bow to them in awe and respect. We salute our comrades and supporters with longing, love, and pride, asking them for more sacrifice, steadfastness, and rising above all the hurt, and wishing that they remain the example and the role model that they always were. We ask them to strengthen themselves against feelings of despair, nihilism and weakness, especially in this harshest time in the history of our struggle. They should maintain a spirit of perseverance, hope, and strength for there is no place in this savage world for the weak of heart, and only the brave and strong will endure and overcome. Finally, we salute all the Lebanese people for these blessed holidays, in the homeland and in the Diaspora, asking God Almighty to shine His light on their country and lift it from the darkness of this long journey into the end of an oppressive night.

As to political matters, we note the massive Arab participation at the World Summit of the Information Society that was recently held in Geneva. The objective of that participation was to suggest that the Arabs belong to the era of modernity and that they collaborate with the West in this great human achievement. The hard reality, however, is that the Arabs continue to live in primitive times, many of them unable to distinguish between a computer and a music box, or between the Internet network and their own networks of Intelligence Services. Meanwhile, and as stated by Mr. Kofi Annan, the gap between the North and the South continues to widen, that is, between those who have access to modern technology and the revolution in information science on one hand, and those who posses none of the required advanced skills on the other. Yet, the world is clearly now living in the age of computers, which have become a basic necessity for development and a great reducer of distances in this global civilization of ours.

Not to be left behind, a large Lebanese delegation attended the summit including a number of insipid politicians and a few cronies, some of whom went for a vacation at the expense of the bankrupt treasury while others went in order to disrupt the meetings of the Council of Ministers in which coexistence among its members has become quasi-impossible. Suffice it to say that the Commissioner of Syria in Lebanon, also known as the President of the Taef Republic, delivered a political speech that had no connection whatsoever with science and information technology. He simply recited his well-rehearsed lesson and regurgitated his stale drivel about the defense of Arab causes, Palestine, and Arab nationalism, etc…

Political observers coupled this dissonant speech with the extension that his "Excellency" wishes for his ending term by currying favor and cavorting to Syria. Observers also noted the vast discrepancy between the top-notch level of international delegates to the summit (scientists, technocrats, and information science leaders), and the pitiful caliber of the Lebanese delegation that comprised a bunch of riffraff and despicable idiots and highway gangsters. This difference is, ironically, a metaphor for the difference between the computer mouse and the mice of Lebanese politics, since a touch of the former takes you into the world of knowledge and the electronic revolution, whereas the latter take you in an instant to the world of ignominy, ignorance, and treason. These little men don't even know that they soon will be fleeing their ivory towers to hide in rat holes similar to the one in which Saddam Hussein was caught.

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,
December 28, 2003