The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Over the past three decades our party has become known for holding on to unwavering positions, which is due to its adherence to steady ideology and principles that do not change with circumstances.

In the midst of talk about the upcoming municipal elections that will occupy the Lebanese for the next three months, we reiterate our often-stated principle that we are against participating in any project sponsored by the extant Taef State for several reasons, foremost among which:

•  We are and remain absolutely against the Taef Agreement, and as a consequence, we are against its institutions, projects, and everything it has spawned. And that applies in particular to elections, be they municipal, parliamentary, or presidential. We consider that any participation in elections, by voting, running as a candidate, or supporting the process is a de facto recognition of the legitimacy of that conspiracy Agreement and an acceptance of their results which are often fraudulent and pre-fabricated to the benefit of the occupation and its local collaborators.

•  We reject the principle of elections under occupation, and any immersion in them is a recognition of the occupation and its institutions and projects, even if indirectly, especially since the occupation itself runs and supervises the elections with no respect for genuine democratic standards.

•  Elections in the current climate of political degeneracy and under the anomalous living conditions in the country would be no more than Band-Aid applied to a deep wound and a distraction aiming at absorbing the wrath of the people away from their daily suffering under the yoke of occupation, the corruption of the Sate, and the terrible economic and social conditions.

We reiterate our warning to the Lebanese people not to distract themselves with the crumbs of elections, especially municipal elections where narrow village and family sensitivities and disputes play a big role, because the Lebanese people would look like a band of destitute hobos fighting over a cigarette butt.

We call on our partisans, supporters, and friends to steer away from this deliberate distraction and focus instead on the central cause, namely the continuous and determined struggle to bring an end to the chronic disease of the Syrian occupation and remove the artificial State and the decrepit collaborator Lebanese regime it imposes on the country.

We remind the Lebanese people that Lebanon can live without elections and without municipal and parliamentary councils, but it cannot live without freedom, sovereignty and dignity. They should remain focused on the essence of the cause and not on peripheral distractions, and they should constantly aim for the impossible and not the ordinary, in accordance with our motto:

Keep your eyes focused on the first point inside the impossible, Otherwise you and your country will become irrelevant

Lebanon , at your service,

Abu Arz,

February 28, 2004