The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Last week's discussion session in Parliament on the cellular telephone issue was a reflection of the abysmal bankruptcy of the country at all levels, from the political and economic to the moral and ethical. The Republic of Taef is indeed in a state of utter dissolution which reinforces the belief that it is destined to die in spite of the Syrian blood that is infused in its veins around the clock. The principal reason, of course, is using the Taef regime as the basis for this three-headed poly-cephalic Republic.

The Lebanese people turned their television sets off to avoid watching the clowns in Parliament at each other's throat and stabbing one another under the pretense of working on their behalf, for them and for their future. The Lebanese people did not want to watch these dastardly faces plant knives in their backs under the pretext of defending their interests, their security, and their safety, etc. As to the few who watched the proceedings of the session, it was merely out of curiosity and for the entertainment value because the action in Parliament was truly a political Carnival to laugh at even in the midst of tragedy.

The discussions were not limited to arguments between the opposition and the government as the democratic game would entail, but they transcended them to becoming a fight between the "government" and the "government". Half the government attacked the other half, accusing it of embezzlement and corruption. And instead of Parliament, which was also divided on itself, denying confidence to the government according to the democratic norms, members of Parliament were busy creating a leak in the quorum in order to rescue the government. Which goes to show that this bankrupt Republic insists on remaining in power until it puts its hands into every last citizen's pockets and steals every last penny that's there to steal, and until the entire temple crumbles on everyone's head.

A government that is divided on itself in front of Parliament, whose members openly throw at each other accusations of corruption, and which remains in power because it does not resign and cannot be made to resign, is a novel and unusual development in the history of democracy.

The danger in fact lies in the complete absence of the people from what is taking place on the political scene, as if the matter is of no concern to them and as if they have abdicated their national obligations. The people do not hold anyone accountable, protest, issue demands, denounce, or hold demonstrations, even as they know full well that they are quickly on their way to the abyss. And the reason for this is the extreme state of despair that is now deeply embedded in their souls to the point that they are paralyzed and unable or unwilling to take any action for reform, change, or even question the present. People are simply concerned about securing their daily livelihoods, and have totally submitted their destiny to fate, awaiting the skies to rain down a divine miracle to rescue them from their inevitable doom.

Even more dangerous is the absence and neglect of the Lebanese cause in all international forums to the point that it has been forgotten, in contrast to the attention given to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Cyprus, Haiti, and others. As if Lebanon has fallen out of the political and humanitarian equation.

Accordingly, we see that salvation must begin at home, and our people must dust off the despair and hopelessness and begin organizing daily sit-ins, demonstrations, and strikes, which would be accompanied by parallel demonstrations in the Lebanese Diaspora in Western countries, especially in the United States . No one should rest until this bastard regime and its sponsor occupation come to an end.

Lebanon , at your service,

Abu Arz,

March 6, 2004