MP Gemayel terms Younes verdict ‘political’

Daily Star

Metn MP Pierre Gemayel said Tuesday that the verdict issued against journalist Habib Younes was “political” rather than judicial.

Speaking at a seminar organized by the International Catholic Media Federation on the issue of freedom in journalism and the verdict issued against Younes, Gemayel said the verdict was “revengeful and disciplinary rather than (the result of) a legal trial.”

The seminar was attended by Younes’ lawyer Riad Matar, Younes’ wife Mireille Qassas, and several journalists and university professors who are members of the federation.

Gemayel said the Lebanese should prevent their political system from drifting toward the methods of other regimes, an apparent reference to interference of security agencies. According to Matar, Younes’ questioning was carried out by intelligence services and not by security forces, “which is a flagrant legal violation.”

The Military Tribunal sentenced Younes to a three-year jail term with hard labor last week after he was convicted of collaboration with Israel.