Claude Hajjar back on hook

Maha Al-Azar
Daily Star staff

Charges will be brought against Claude Hajjar, who was interrogated last week as a witness in the case against Al-Hayat journalist Habib Younes, Hajjar was informed over the weekend.
“I still don’t know on what charges I will be tried,” she told The Daily Star on Sunday.
Hajjar said that she was given a summons writ that simply read: “You are accused.”
Hajjar’s attorney, Jean Selwan, said he will learn of the charges against Hajjar on Thursday, when she is scheduled to appear before Military Investigating Magistrate Abdullah Hajj.
Hajjar visited Etienne Saqr, head of the Guardians of the Cedars Party, in Cyprus on April 14. Younes was also present at that meeting, which also allegedly included Odid Zaray, press attache to Uri Lubrani, the former coordinator of Israeli activities in Lebanon.
Hajjar was detained for three days last week, interrogated and subsequently released. But she expects to be tried this week in the same case.
“I only accepted to represent her because I believe she is not involved in Israeli plots,” Selwan said. “She told me if at any point during the trial proof emerges that she was involved with Israelis, she would allow me to withdraw my representation.”
On Tuesday Hajj will further interrogate Tawfiq Hindi, adviser to Samir Geagea, jailed leader of the disbanded Lebanese Forces.
He will also interrogate journalist Antoine Bassil in the case against Habib Younes.
On Saturday, businessman Jamal Nasser was formally arrested on charges of collaborating with Israel, violating an Israeli boycott and bringing Israeli goods into the country. He faces between three and 15 years imprisonment.
Nasser, who was taken into custody on Thursday,  allegedly traded in Israeli-made clothing with Zaray, despite knowing the Israeli’s true identity.