Political holy rituals
By: Elias Bejjani

I received few weeks ago a number of emails criticizing the content of my weekly Arabic and English articles. My critics said: " you have been repeating yourself for the last seven years and accordingly what you write is not interesting or appealing to us any more, please write about new issues".

My critics are right, I have been addressing the same set of national, economic, environmental and human rights topics. This theme of organized and purposeful repetition will continue with the same enthusiasm until the noble patriotic Lebanese aims are fulfilled. The content of my articles will not change in essence and core until my beloved country, Lebanon, is liberated and my peoples’ human rights are fully respected. I oppose the Lebanese-Syrian appointed puppet regime (installed through a military Syrian invasion in1990) and accordingly all my political activities will continue to openly address and courageously unveil the unbearable, savage atrocities inflicted on my people.

Like the rest of the thousands and thousands of patriotic Lebanese, I have adopted peaceful oppositional resistance. My weapons are not tanks, rockets or rifles, but faith, hope, perseverance, courage, commitment, honesty, tolerance, openness and a solid belief in Lebanon’s just cause. I promise my critics to write about art, fishing, baseball etc and other non political issues once my country reclaims its confiscated independence and my people are again in control of their beloved country and its decision making process. I question my critics’ understanding for patriotic opposition, occupation and human rights. At the same time they can have my solemn word that I will address non- political issues once Lebanon reclaims its independence and is again a free country with no foreign troops and puppet officials.

The question is why my articles irritate some Lebanese? Can they allege that any of the topics I focus on have been solved? To simplify the issue could they inform the Lebanese people which of the below atrocities have been solved?
The fate of hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens arbitrarily detained in Syrian Nazi-like jails.
The mockery of forcing 6000 Northern Lebanese citizens to take refugee in Israel.
The ridiculous charges (collaboration and treason) and verdicts imposed on thousands of innocent southern citizens.
The treacherous official stance of abandoning south Lebanon and its people. At the same time allowing radical militant groups to erect their own religious state there and keep the whole southern region an open arena for wars of others.
The purposeful criminal impoverishment of the people. Three thirds of the Lebanese live currently under the poverty line after the middle class has been wiped out.
The mortgaging of Lebanon’s new and coming generations with huge foreign debts (reached 25 billion dollars, when it was less then half a billion 10 years ago).
The organized conspiracy to force the Lebanese to emigrate. One million two hundred thousand citizens were forced to leave their country since 1990. It is estimated that 15 thousand young educated Lebanese Leave Lebanon every month looking for work in other countries. Meanwhile almost two million Syrians invade the country, control its labour market, persecute its residents and destroy its economy.
Building an army of 75 thousand men and draining the states coffer, while this great army is not allowed to guard the country’s borders with Syria or Israel.
The conspiracy of flooding the Lebanese markets through organized smuggling of cheap Syrian and non-Syrian products. This atrocity is forcing Lebanon’s farmers to abandon their land and the Lebanese factories to declare bankruptcy.
Granting illegally, Lebanon’s citizenship to more then half a million Syrians, Palestinians, Arabs and non-Arabs. Meanwhile the Lebanese in Diaspora are deprived of their fathers’ and grandfathers’ citizenship. Many of those granted the country’s citizenship are criminals, have not seen Lebanon before, and even many of them were in jails at that time.
Abusing the country’s natural resources, polluting its water, air, soil and destroying seashores and forests.Imposing Arabism on the Lebanese mosaic, multi-cultural societies and destroying all non-Arabic heritage, history and roots.
Imposing Arabic curriculums on all educational facilities including a forged history book that has nothing to do with Lebanon and its people.
Portraying the Lebanese people as lazy, sectarian fanatic, awkward and unable to run their own affairs without Syria’s occupation.
Corrupting the country’s judicial system and turning the majority of its courts and judges into a tool of persecution and harassment against patriots and advocates of human rights.
Destroying Lebanese distinguishable identity, annulling its family ties and abrogating its deeply rooted 6000 years of history and civilization.
Murdering, jailing, persecuting and forcing into exile Lebanon’s patriotic and legitimate leadership.
Imposing double standards in every aspect of the Lebanese day to day life.
Disarming militias that fought to defend Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, while leaving fanatic, terrorists and pro-Syrian military groups armed to their teeth.
Infringing on the Lebanese Human rights and controlling all media facilities.
Portraying citizens who oppose the Syrian occupation are traitors and pro-Israel.
Appointing Presidents, PM’s, MP’s ambassadors, heads of army and security forces and all high-ranking officials by the Syrian regime. The list goes on and on.

Apparently my critics do not understand the holiness of the Lebanese just cause. It is holy in the eyes of every Lebanese who believes in the 10452 square kilometer concept and in Sheik Bachir’s patriotic dream. Accordingly the repetition of the above mentioned atrocities and mockeries are exactly like religious rituals. Almighty God loves the repetition, otherwise Islam would have not made it a must for Muslims to pray five times a day. At the same time the Church would not have encouraged its followers to pray the rosary. In the same context the Bible, the Koran and all other religious books would have vanished if repetition was not a Godly grace. Prayers are all a process of repetition, in fact they are repetition itself. Perseverance in my weekly articles will continue until Lebanon reclaims its independence, sovereignty, and freedom. Until that day comes, I am continuing my religious holy rituals.
Long Live Free Lebanon