To all Lebanese
From: True Lebanese.

Listen and listen carefully. I am a Muslim, I am Christian, and I am Druze.
    I am all Lebanon and so should you be. It is time for all of you to be one, no more lies, no more deception for the sake of your country and your kids. Stop allowing yourselves to be played by outsiders; their only objective is to keep you weak and divided. United we stand, divided we fall, it is one of the oldest tricks, your division among one another is going to be your downfall. The time has come for all Lebanese to decide what do they want, do they want a respected country or not, do they want a reputation of deceivers and liars, or walk with their heads high proud to be Lebanese, you have to decide, the choice is yours no one is going to make it for you.

I am sadden to see how divided my people are, it looks like Lebanon does not mean anything for them, or their kids. I do not understand why are we allowing ourselves to be played by outside forces, whose only goal is to destroy the foundation of who we are. I do not understand why is it too hard to unite and save our nation. Nations cannot be build on division, it is build on unity among all the people. We should all be Lebanese before Christians, Muslims or Druze. Religion is for God, building nations has to do with its inhabitants being proud of who they are. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, your country is nothing without your loyalty and respect. I took this quote from the Late John F. Kennedy, how wise. Look at were we at in Lebanon, and than compare were United States is, a country who is only 250 years old and than ask yourselves, how come they have advanced at all levels and we have not, how come they make Micro Chips, and we as a whole in the Middle East make Potato Chips, have you ever ask yourselves why is that.

The choice is yours the time is now. Unite and save what little you have. Stay divided and loose it all. There will be no winners, I do not care if you are pro Syrian, or pro Israeli or pro Marsian from Mars. No outsider is here for you; they are here to take something you have cherished for 6000 years. Our people sailed the first ship. Our people wrote the first letter and started world commerce as we see it today, we have a proud history and it should remain so, enough stupidity, put your differences aside before it is too late, you have so little time left. Lebanon and its identity are going to vanish forever. It is up to all of you to take responsibility for your actions, all of you will suffer the consequences of your choices, the decisions you make today will write your kids destiny for years to come. Stop pointing fingers at each otherís and pass the blame, your country is dying what are you going to do about it. Be responsible and truthful to one another. Enough is enough.

Long live the free Lebanon.