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April 30/2001

To: Mr. Jean Chretien Prime Minister of Canada

On behalf of a coalition composed of major Canadian-Lebanese groups and organizations, I would like to share with you the following facts addressing the status quo currently imposed in occupied Lebanon. I hope you will take them in consideration when meeting with Lebanon's Prime Minister Mr. Rafic Hariri during his visit to Canada by the end of this month:

Mr. Hariri was appointed by the Syrian authorities, as well as the entire Beirut regime against the will of the majority of the Lebanese people. Accordingly Mr. Hariri represents the Syrian interests more then those of Lebanon. Because of Mr. Hariri's failed economic policies, Lebanon's debt rose from less then half a billion US dollars in 1990 to 25 billion in year 2000. The majority of his policies failed and proved to be non-productive.

Mr. Hariri is not a free official in regards to his decision making process. He receives his instructions on daily basis from the Syrian authorities and functions accordingly. Mr. Hariri's government is not taking any tangible measurements to secure the release of hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens arbitrarily detained in the notorious Nazi- like Syrian jails. These conscience detainees are deprived of all their basic rights, while the Syrian regime denies even their existence.
Mr. Hariri's government is infringing and on daily basis on the basic human rights of the Lebanese citizens, especially the University students and those who call for the implementation of the UN Resolution 520.
Mr. Hariri's government is harassing and intimidating journalists and muffling the voice of those that oppose the Syrian installed regime. Mr. Adnan Chaaban, a journalist from the well-known "Annahar Newspaper" was forced out of the country.
Professor Samir Khasier'' another journalist from "Annahar" is now living in fear. His passport was confiscated and Secret Intelligence follow him around the clock. Many other similar infringements are inflicted on the patriotic Lebanese.
Mr. Hariri is keeping a blind eye in regards to the Syrian occupation and even advocating for the continuation of the miserable imposed status quo. He is not supporting the implementation of the Taef Accord, nor the UN Resolution 520. On the contrary he is echoing on daily basis what the Syrians dictate on him.
Mr. Hariri's government is refusing to deploy the Army on the Lebanese-Israeli borders. Meanwhile Hizbollah militia is still controlling the whole Southern region following the Afghan Talbani model, creating a state inside a state.
Mr. Hariri's government is applying double judicial standards and allowing the Syrians to have almost complete hegemony over the country's judicial System. Thousands of Southern citizens, including senior citizens and women are arbitrarily charged with treason and collaboration with Israel. Meanwhile more then five thousand other southern citizens were forced to take refugee in Israel fearing for their lives. Mr. Hariri's government is ignoring this human dilemma and not helping these citizens to return to their families and homes.
Mr. Hariri's government is not taking any practical measures to disarm Hizbollah, the Palestinian armed groups and the many other armed groups who oppose the peace process. Mr. Hariri's government is not working for conciliation. On the contrary it is fueling and escalating all the oppressive measures against students, political parties and groups that oppose the Syrian occupation.
Mr. Hariri supports the Syrian occupation that is destroying Lebanon as an independent state, killing its civilians, kidnapping and torturing its young men and forcing its people to immigrate. Mr. Hariri is responsible for giving the Lebanese citizenship illegally and haphazardly to more then three hundred thousand foreigners, mainly Syrians.

Mr. Chretien we ask your government not to grant the current Lebanese regime any financial support. Instead we ask that any such help be granted directly to private bodies like hospitals, schools, human rights organizations, non-profitable groups etc.
Mr. Chretien, we urge your government to support a free, sovereign, independent and free from foreign troops Lebanon. We ask your government to:

Take measures to end Syria's occupation to Lebanon.
Deny Syria and the Lebanese Syrian installed regime any financial aid until they comply with the UN Resolution 520, which calls for the withdrawal of all foreign, forces from Lebanon.
Pressure the Hariri government into safeguarding the interest of Lebanon and its citizens.

Mr. Chretien, We ask you to help the Lebanese people to save their country.

Yours truly,
Elias Bejjani
President and Media Chairman