A letter to the Human Rights Watch
350 Fifth Ave 34th floor
New York, NY 10118-3299
Email: hrwnyc@hrw.org

By: George Khoury

A human tragedy is taking place against 263 innocent Lebanese in Syrian Jails since 1990.  The puppet Lebanese government, and the Attorney General are disregarding all demands made by their families inquiring about their loved ones.  The answer is always the same from the Syrian government your kids are not in Syria. The Irony of it all is, that Syria does have all these people detained in Tadmer Prison where torture and abuse is common, it is a place where you check in, but you do not check out. Family members have seeing their kids there numerous times under very bad conditions.

Dear members of Human rights watch. Do not be fooled the Syrian regime it is of a cunning one, as the Nazis were before them in Germany.  All Lebanese detainees are giving a different name after going through years of torture and abuse, they are told specifically to forget their Lebanese names and go by the new name, which was assigned to them after the torture, or go back into the torture chambers.  I will provide you with a wed site so you can see for yourselves.

I cannot see how the free world is allowing such atrocities to take place in the 21st century.  Regimes like the ones in Syrian has to go away, the world has to know what kind of deceivers they are dealing with, it is time for the world community to take a stand against vicious treatment of human beings whom ever they are, such treatments should not be tolerated, and should never go unpunished.

I took the liberty writing to you, for the lack of compassion by Lebanese officials, who are supposed to uphold the law and serve the people who elected them. I cannot for the life of me understand what is going on, I hope for the sake of human rights you take a stand and help those families.

I am really sadden by all the mothers crying for their loved ones, I am really tired of seeing broken hearts and children's without their fathers, Syria has no right to kidnap innocent Lebanese and torture them for years. This goes against any international law of human rights, and the protection of the innocent worldwide.

The URL you need to go to is the following. www.geocities.com/capitolHill/parliament/2587/index.html move the mouse down to were you see, Links, news and weather, than go detainees in Syrian jails, in which you are linked to a web page called www.syrian-prison.com Click on Enter and read the horrible stories.  There is a new wave of Nazism today in the world the difference is the country.

Sincerely, George Khoury True Lebanese