Address to all Lebanese

Sometimes things are big,
And sometimes things are small,
But then sometimes the smallest thing,
Can be the greatest one of all.

From: George Khoury (True Lebanese)

To Whom It May Concern:

We are determined to regain back our Independence, democracy and the free choice, it does not matter if they think our numbers are small, what matter is that freedom lives in our hearts, it is a part of our Soul. The small flame of freedom has been lit and growing daily; it soon becomes a raging fire consuming all collaborators in its path.

To all the collaborators against freedom and Lebanon, your tactics are not working you cannot arrest all of us, you cannot jail all of us, no matter how small our number is we are determined to continue the journey until freedom is alive once again. Lebanon is not going to die; the Lebanese people are born free. No one can take your freedom away if you truly believe it. No one can rape your dignity if you are determined to preserve it, and no one can take our Lebanon away, because we truly deserve it. It belongs to us; it is part of which we are. History has proved, that no matter what. Freedom and Lebanon will prevail. It always has.

I had hoped you would wise up, but it looks like your illusions has blinded you, and greed has consumed your souls, you have sold yourselves at the cost of your dignity and self respect, you have become a subservient to outsiders and lost all hope of being free, your lives are not worth anything anymore to your kids or your country, life without freedom is no life at all.

Ask yourselves. What would you do without freedom, and are willing to ask yourselves what if we did the right thing than when we had the chance. The time will come rest assure and than you can look back, and realize what was than and what it is today, take a look around, what kind of a life are you living, is that really what you want for your new born, how far are you willing to go selling yourselves, do you have any dignity left, or words are cheap.

Think very heard and evaluate what you are doing to yourselves, and your kids. Do not be selfish and live for the moment, what kind of future are you setting for your loved ones, the decisions you make today will shape your kids destiny for years to come, do not be fooled by the power of money, it has no value, it is only a piece of paper and has no bearing on your soul, what matters are your deeds, not your wealth wake up and live free.

Silent Majority. Wake up from your illusions and join the right side, speak up let your voice be heard staying silent is not the answer to your problems, your identity is going to vanish, your history is being raped, your dignity and freedom is stepped on daily, your kids are suffering all the torture and humiliation, seize the opportunity you might not have another chance, stand up for what you believe, there is strength in unity. Freedom is not going to knock on you doors you have to seek it out. If you believe you are truly free, than no can take your freedom away no matter whom they are.

No outsider is going to leave until you all decide, that you have had enough. I keep reading about kids being kidnapped and tortured by secret agents with the blessing of the Lebanese security forces. What a shame, and how degrading it is for any officer or soldier to allow such atrocities against his own people. It is really sad for any Lebanese collaborating with an occupier for personal gain; I had no idea that some of my people would be so shallow, what happened to our pride and honor, money does not make people free it only enslaves them. Is that what you really want, take a moment and ask yourselves for the sake of your souls.

In conclusion, the choice is yours alone no one is going to make for you, you have to decide what you want, do you want Freedom, or slavery. It is that simple.


George Khoury True Lebanese.