The Dual Conspiracy

By: Elias Bejjani

The vicious dual conspiracy against Lebanon and its people has been unveiled, even the blind can now see this plain truth. Israel the enemy and Syria the brotherly neighboring countries are partners and perpetrators in this dual anti-Lebanese conspiracy. Together, they hold the knife that is slaughtering the people of Lebanon. The two are working hand in hand to destroy Lebanon's independence, sovereignty, freedom, and forcing Lebanese into immigration.

The devastating  role of the Syrian Army in Lebanon is no secret to those whose rational judgment allows them freely to see and hear what is happening around them. Syria had sent initially its army to invade Lebanon in 1976 in a bid to safeguard its own interests, promote its venomous expansionism scheme, and not in anyway to protect the Lebanese against Israeli assaults as its officials continuously allege. The Syrian regime has been falsely justifying its on going occupation to Lebanon since then by deceiving rhetoric slogans that even children know they are false and fabricated. The truth of the matter is that, all these empty slogans underestimate Lebanon's identity, independence, free choice, dignity and its people's self- respect.

Meanwhile It is becoming very apparent that the Syrian army in Lebanon needs protection from the Lebanese people, Israel and most importantly from itself. Therefore, its presence can no longer be justified, considering that the majority of the Lebanese never agreed on having the Syrians in Lebanon.

Lebanon's heroic University students demonstrated lately against the Syrian army condemning the presence of its posts in front of Universities and its surroundings, the Presidential Palace, the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Justice and numerous other official buildings. The message to the Syrian army was to go to the Israeli- Syrian border and defend Syria's occupied Golan Heights. In the awakening of the students' massive peaceful demonstrations, the Beirut puppet regime rushed to protect the Syrian Army. The heroic students did not carry any kind of  weapons, but Lebanese flags and banners for Lebanon's right as an independent and free nation. A state of emergency was declared and over 20,000 thousand soldiers blocked the streets of Beirut, shielding every Syrian post from the peaceful demonstrators, who shouted loudly for Syria to leave their country.

The public determination for the Syrian army to leave, and the regaining of  Lebanon's right for its independence, sovereignty and free choice,  is growing strongly among the Lebanese. This reality was proven to Syria and to the whole world, when more then 200.000 Lebanese rallied behind His Beatitude Patriarch Sfeir upon his return from a 42 day trip to the Northern American continent last February. The support shown to Patriarch Sfeir made the Syrian regime realize that its occupational presence in Lebanon is no longer accepted. Hizbollah came to rescue and protect the Syrian Army through a big rally that was organized on the Ashoura Day. Hizbollah's General Secretary gave a fiery speech in which he supported the Syria military presence in Lebanon. Hizbollah did exactly what the Lebanese Army did-they protected the Syrian Army against the majority of the Lebanese people who were calling for its withdrawal.

The Israeli Jet fighters attack a Syrian radar station 20 miles north of Beirut (Daher El Baider) as a retaliation for Hizbollah's military operation in the vicinity of Sheeba Farms (South Lebanon) against an Israeli patrol. The Syrian army who has never engaged in any actual battle against Israel, did not attempt to protect its positions, instead fired threats of words as the Syrian regime has been doing for the last 30 years.  Once again Syria has exposed Lebanon and its people to potential Israeli reprisal attacks. Syria abandoned its obligation and left the responsibility to the Lebanese Army to bear the burden of protecting its Army. One wonders if this same army is suppose to stop Israel from entering Lebanon and defend the Lebanese? Yeah right.

Looking at these last three events wisely we can determine with no doubt  that the Syrian army is in need of protection from the Israelis, the Lebanese and even from its leadership, not vise versa. Therefore its presence in Lebanon is no longer justified, but instead it is becoming a problem for the Lebanese, for the region and for Syria itself.  For the Lebanese it has become a source of division not unity. Syria has been hindering all reconciliation efforts among the Lebanese to justify its occupation. Regionwise while all the Arabic countries have recognized Israel and signed peace treaties with it or are in the process of doing so, Syria is still rhetorically in a war mood supporting Palestinian and Lebanese armed groups who oppose the peace process.

The majority of the Lebanese people do not see the current situation at the Sheeba farms eye to eye with Syria and Hizbollah. They do not approve the approach Hizbollah is executing to free these farms from the Israeli occupation. The United Nations, Europe, majority of the Arab countries and the USA have confirmed that Israel has implemented the UN Resolution 425. Accordingly, the Sheeba farms are not covered by the UN Resolution 425, but  a part of Resolution 242. It is worth mentioning that Sheeba farms fall outside the blue line of the Lebanese Israeli borders. These farms were under the Syrian occupation in 1967. Israel occupied them with the Syrian Golan Heights and accordingly are covered by the UN Resolution 242.. Based on the above-mentioned facts, we can simply state that the presence of the Syrian army in Lebanon is no longer needed. On the contrary it is becoming an actual burden on Lebanon and the Syrian regime itself. It is in constant need for protection from Israel, the Lebanese people and even from itself.

Lebanon has a well-trained and equipped army of 100.000 soldiers. It is capable  to take control  all over Lebanon and protect its citizens, if given the freedom to do so. It is becoming a necessity for national security to release the Lebanese army from its barracks and allow it to assume the responsibility of what it is created for. It is more than capable of doing so. All the Lebanese are in agreement of special relations with Syria providing both countries autonomy is respected according to their constitutions as two independent nations with international borders. Lebanon is more than capable of governing itself, its people are not little kids with the need of outsiders to handle their affairs.

Waking up to the true reality Syria started resorting again to the old tactics of "divide and conquer".
By God's will the people of Lebanon shall abort all these schemes.
They are determined to regain back their freedom.
The sun of freedom will rise again over Lebanon, it is only a matter of time.

My fellow Lebanese, arise up from your slumber,  the end is near.

Long Live Free Lebanon