Martyrs and Trojans

By: Elias Bejjani

The most current devastating disasters facing the Lebanese holy cause of liberation and freedom are the acts and attitudes of the Lebanese Pharisees and tax collectors, who had made a pact with the devil, and ran with it.  These chameleons that were installed in power by the Syrian occupier comprise a group of officials, politicians,  merchants, feudal and war lords, gangsters, drug traffickers and Mafiosi. These puppets allege loyalty  to Lebanon's unity and falsely pretend to be keepers of freedom. While in reality they are dragging the country and its people far away from everything that is Lebanese and decent They are nothing but traitors who had lost all dignity and love for God. They have turned into blood sucker of the innocent and smooth talkers by lies and deception.

They have successfully to some degree gained the upper hand in stripping peoples hopes. With the cooperation and blessings of the occupier they have infiltrated into the judicial system and corrupted the Lebanese life. They have been acquitting murderers, accusing the innocents,  confiscating the country's free choice and forcing people to migrate else where.  The few in question are with many faces and colors using demeaning ways to keep the Lebanese separated, divided, hating one another, and victims of sectarian instigating dirty games. It was not a secret when we spoke loudly and exposed some clergymen who had forgotten the meaning of their holy message, but instead became advocates for the devil.

It is well know that the majority of the Lebanese people are aware of the politicians and their devilish games.Therefore the occupier has resorted  to a minority of clergymen   who have sold themselves for 30 of silver. These Pharisees are deceiving the public with outside issues, cunning them into accepting the Syrian occupation  and the current humiliating status quo forced on them through violence and guns. They are misleading the public to believe that the collaboration with the Syrian occupier is imperative for their safety and future, otherwise they will be massacred and and forced to migration else where.

It is the patriotic duty of those working toward regaining Lebanon's independence, sovereignty,  freedom and democracy to expose such chameleons, who hide behind lies and deception. There should be no compromise what so ever with them, no one has to obey their instructions or fall under their spell of lies. It is our duty as free patriotic Lebanese to uphold the truth and honor it. It is our responsibility to stand up to those deceivers and push them out of our holy temples as Jesus did in his own when it was converted to a place full of thieves and deceptions.

Those who disregard the morals of God does not deserve any respect among their people. Co-operating with such people without the awareness of their tactics, is considered a disgrace for the truth and a betrayal to the sacrifices of all the heroic Martyrs who offered their lives on Lebanon's alter so we can live with dignity and pride in a free independent, multi-cultural democratic peaceful loving Lebanon.

Clergymen  and politicians  who does not engrave the meaning of sacrifice in their souls and does not distinguish between a martyr and a murderer reserve no right to speak about our martyrs or to celebrate their memorial day under any given circumstances.

Playing with words, and cheapening the true meaning of the Lebanese cause at the cost of playing people against each other's is the work of the devil himself, and it does not suit the true meaning of a human being , especially a clergymen who is suppose to help his brother and sister as God want it to be.

We have been  raised and conditioned to obey clergymen without questioning the motives when these were holy, conscious and spiritual like Patriarch Hadchiti, Patriarch Hajola, .Imam Osaie, Imam Al Sadder and many others.  However today  it is a different story, as some clergymen in occupied Lebanon as well as in Diaspora have turned into liars and deceivers. They are hired by the occupier to make our people surrender, serving the interest of outsiders, and betray each other. Therefore it is the duty of the patriots to recognize these devils for what they are and expose their true intentions by making the masses aware of their cunning games in hope that they will repent and act within their responsibility, or resign their posts for the true believers. Let it be known to every traitor, be a clergymen, politician, citizen or foreign occupier that those Lebanese who are truly fighting for the Lebanon's holy cause and believe in Sheik Bashir Joumayel's dream of 10452 square km, will only kneel before God.