Poverty In Occupied Lebanon

By: George Khoury, a True Lebanese

The so-called public officials in Lebanon, who are hiding behind the truth have made a pack with the devil and sold their souls.  It is really disturbing how insignificant the problem is to the Lebanese government. It makes you wonder what kind of creatures they are!!!. Last reports from the UN, local specialized agencies and the Workers Unions, indicated that the number of Lebanese living under poverty has reached two thirds of the population and increasing daily, while the so-called government officials do nothing, but selling our oppressed and impoverished people false hopes and empty promises.

The people have no idea why is it so hard for these officials to understand that starvation and discontentment does not create stability, but instead it creates despair and anger. The so-called economic recovery we keep hearing about is nothing but words. Its purpose is to allude the people from their harsh reality and anguish. We have not seen any improvement despite all the programs in place according to government officials, poverty is sweeping the country from all corners. Farmers are shutting down as a result of all the smuggling across the Syrian borders, investors are hesitant from taking any risks due to the situation in the South, the army has yet to be deployed despite the wish of the International community, Hizbollah is left to rule the South freely forcing its will on everybody, no questions asked, under the false pretense of liberating the Shabaa Farms. These farms are Lebanese but were under the Syrian occupation before 1967. Israel occupied them with the Syrian Golan. According to the UN and the whole International community these farms fall under the UN Resolution 425 and not 242. It is worth mentioning that both regimes in Beirut and Damascus have recognized the "Blue Line" on the Lebanese-Israeli Border drawn by the UN after the withdrawal of the Israeli troops from South Lebanon in May last year.

For those installed officials who are pretending, if you have ears listen and listen carefully. The people are fed up with all the lies. How can you pretend any more? How stupid do you think people are? How much money are you going to keep on borrowing? Who is going to pay the 27 billion dollars debt? The people keep hearing of some kind of plans to revive the economy. In the name of God, what are your plans? Are you planning to ask the 1.5 million Syrian workers stifling over 6 billion dollars annually to return back to Syria? Are you planning to stop all the smuggling at the borders and revive the Lebanese farming industry? Are you planning to impose a fee on all cars entering Lebanon from Syria as the Syrians do for Lebanese cars? And what about the disarmament of Hizbollah and the deployment of the Lebanese army in the South in order to attract foreign investments? Please put our minds at ease where are your plans, and when is the kick off? Is it any time soon, or until hell freezes over? The people would like to know!!!!

The truth hurts, but someone has to say it regardless.  The situation in Lebanon is becoming unbearable because of the Syrian occupation and their corrupted Lebanese installed officials. Students are being harassed on their way to schools, even some reports are claiming cases of rape and abuse against Lebanese University student who stand up to the Syrian occupier. Our people are really disappointed for the lack of concern by the so-called public officials. How long they think the people are going to put up with abuse? You puppets, look around you, the world is leaping into the future, while we are forced into the past through lies and deception. The Lebanese are being forced to disperse through economical tactics of poverty and despair leaving behind the weak, and the elderly so the Syrian occupier can rule freely without opposition.

My fellow Lebanese, It is time for someone to stand up and say it the way it is, no more lies, no more playing with words. The puppet officials and the Syrian occupier can fool some of us for some time, but they cannot fool all of us all the time. The time has come for all Lebanese to be truthful to one another, stop pointing fingers at each other and pass the blame. It is time for all of us to take responsibility for our actions. We, the people alone will suffer the consequences of our choices not the outsiders. They stand to gain from our disloyalty. They are in Lebanon to keep us weak, divided and scared.

My dear fellow Lebanese, the decisions you make today will shape your destiny and that of your children and grandchildren for years to come. You have to decide what you really want. The choice is yours ...No one is going to make it for you. Witness for the truth, be yourselves and be Lebanese, only Lebanese. Defend your dignity and Identity. Say No loudly and publicly to the Syrian occupier and to its Installed Lebanese officials.

Long Live free Lebanon.

George Khoury, A True Lebanese.