American Jewish Committee Ad Calls for End of Syria's Occupation of Lebanon

NEW YORK, June 24 --

The American Jewish Committee is calling for Syria to end its 25-year old occupation of Lebanon.

"Syria's occupation is a disaster for Lebanon," the American Jewish Committee states in an ad on the op-ed page of today's New York Times.

"Syria has never recognized Lebanon as a sovereign and independent state. Its occupation violates international law and hinders Middle East peacemaking."

The AJC points out that Lebanon's civil war, Syria's original pretext for marching its soldiers into Lebanon, is long over. And, a year ago, the UN certified Israel's full withdrawal from southern Lebanon, nullifying the final excuse for Syria's occupation.

Despite recent publicized Syrian troop movements, the Lebanese government remains a pawn of Syria, states the AJC.

"Oppressed for a quarter century by Syrian occupation, the Lebanese yearn to write a new chapter of history: Lebanon for the Lebanese," states the AJC. "It is long overdue for Lebanon to be master of the its fate. It is long overdue for Syria, finally, to bring all of its troops home."

The Guardians of the Cedars would like to thank the "American Jewish Committee" for their support and compassion.