Email: lccc@10452lccc.com 3/7/2001
To:    International Court of Justice
       Peace Palace
       2517 KJ The Hague
       The Netherlands
Email: mail@icj-icj.org

Subject: Action required

The Syrian army is responsible for the killing of more than 200 innocent civilians execution style unarmed with their hands tied up behind their back, shot in the head numerous times on Oct 13th 1990. One officer was asked by the Syrian army to strip and lay down on the ground while they drove a tank over him, others were asked to strip and kneel while Syrian army officers shot them in the back of their head, and proceeded to maim their faces so they cannot be identified. Another 15 civilians were executed by Syrian soldiers in Bsous after having been rounded up from their homes, another 19 people, including three women, were reported to have been killed in cold blood around the Presidential Palace along with 51 Lebanese army soldiers who were stripped and shot execution style after surrendering their weapons under the nose of the current installed Lebanese president who was the commander of the Lebanese army at that time.

Furthermore Syria plotted the assassination of Kamal Joumblatt, President elect Bashir Gemayel, President elect Rene Moawad, Sunni Mufti Hasan Kalids, and the head of the tiger party Mr. Dani Shamoun his wife, and two kids. All these murders were executed by direct orders from the late Hafiz Assad for peace in Lebanon as Syria claims to have done. The current government is nothing but a puppet for the Syrian regime, and it does not represent the interest of the Lebanese people, therefore. We find ourselves obligated to take action for the sake of innocent people worldwide. Murder is murder no matter who does it. Killing innocent civilians, and maiming their faces so they cannot be identified is not acceptable, and should not be tolerated.

We as free people cannot allow such murders to take place anywhere in the world. It is our duty to do what is right for innocent people worldwide; such atrocities cannot go unpunished for the sake of free Democracy and the preservation of freedom.

The Lebanese people of all religious background have expressed a strong will to be free and independent, the Lebanese government would not dare approach the issue of the Syrian presence, because it was installed by Syria to serve and protect the Syrian interest only. Syria has no intention of leaving Lebanon any time soon, their true intention is to weaken Lebanon to the point of no return, empty the country of its population and merge it as one. We urge your honorable members to consider our request as one of the highest priority.

Long Live Free Lebanon. Sincerely, George Khoury Foreign Relations Chairman