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Open letter to world politicians & leaders Syria is the new home for the 21st century Nazi regime

Dear honorable Sir, Madam We are sure by now that you are aware of the massive Syrian secretive grave sites unveiled lately, especially in the vicinity of Syrian notorious jails and detention centers. As was announced by the Syrian journalist and human rights advocate, Nizzar Nayouf, more than 1500 Lebanese detainees have been buried at the "Tadmor Prison" massive gravesite, among other 17.000 Syrians, Jordanians and Palestinian victims. These innocent victims died in the Syria jails under torture and because of horrible medical, hygienic and sanitary conditions. Apparently not even the new Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has the nerve to admit such atrocities inflicted by his regime's secret police. He alleged from Paris lately that there are no more Lebanese prisoners in Syria. In fact what he meant that no more Lebanese prisoners are alive in Syria; he just could not express himself well !!!.

The information Mr. Nayyouf had exposed about the mass Syrian gravesites is in fact not new. Human Rights Organizations, victims’ families and Syrian public knew about the existence of these graves for at least 10 years. It is such a shame that the world community had allowed a tyrant like late Hafez Assad to be in power in first place.

Please take note that prisoners held inside the notorious Syrian jails, including Tadmor prison are giving different names and at times only numbers. They are instructed to forget their Lebanese names or go back into the torture chamber. Many families have seen frequently their beloved ones (during the visits) with horrible physical and mental inflicted conditions. Prisoners are instructed to refrain from telling their families any thing about the torture they are exposed to. The families cannot help, but notice the evidence of torture from broken teeth, burned spots, fractured bones, bruises, cuts etc.

Detainees' families and human rights organizations have been trying for the last 11 years to make the Beirut puppet authorities take responsibility for the fate of hundreds of Lebanese innocent citizens held arbitrarily in the Syrian jails. Unfortunately all their efforts went in vain, fell on deaf ears and did not reach anywhere. In this sad moment of the Lebanese history, we ask all of you to remember with us the thousands of innocent Lebanese citizens who gave their lives under horrible Syrian torture. We call on you to join forces with the victims' families and human rights organizations in their on going efforts to put an end for this human dilemma.

We urge every one of you to pressure the Syrian regimes to release all the Lebanese detainees who are still alive and to expose the fate of those died. No one should give up and get discouraged, the journey of freedom is long and hard. We believe in God and ask him for strength and courage. The free world must make sure that such atrocities never happens again, not in Syria or any other part of the world.

It is such a shame that the Arab league had allowed one of its members, the Syrian regime to get away with such murders. 1500 hundred Lebanese may not be a large number for the Syrian officials, but rest assure that the souls of these victims are going to hunt them until eternity. We hold the Syrian regime personally accountable for all the murders they inflicted on our people for the last 25 years, especially the thousands of innocent citizens they killed in their notorious detention centers and jails.

We ask you all to witness for the truth and not to allow any criminal to escape justice.

Yours Truly

George Khoury
Foreign Affairs Chairman