We are one people

Our Brothers & Sisters We assure the Lebanese Moslems that we will fight on their side... We are one people and one country...We will not exist without them." Bashir Gemayel March 21, 1982.

My dear fellow Lebanese Moslems and Christians: listen, and listen carefully, do not be deceived by the Syrian plan aiming to keep us weak and divided. United we stand, divided we fall. The door is widely open our brothers and sisters, we are all one. Lebanon cannot survive as a Christian nation or a Moslem one, it belongs to both of us, we have to coexist together for it to exist. Come on in and join us, let us be one, and take back what was rightfully ours, freedom, dignity and the right to choose.

Lebanon belongs to all the Lebanese. It is a multi-ethnic culture and shall remain so. Lebanon is the foundation of democracy for the rest of the region, let us all work together as brothers and sisters. Let us structure our society on the basis of equality among one another, Syria and Iran have no right dictating our destiny. We the Lebanese should be responsible for our destiny, it is our right to choose our own path, they have no business getting involved with our affairs. If Iran and Syria want to pick a fight with Israel, by all means let them go and do it in and from their own countries.

Lebanon was the jewel of the Middle East, our division among one another allowed outsiders to infiltrate our society at the cost of our freedom. We allowed our kids to be kidnapped and tortured in Syrian jails. Our country is dying, does it make any sense staying divided, please wake up stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear. Listen to all the crying and agony, it is all around you, all what you need to do is open your hearts.

No one can take your freedom away if you really believe in it. No one can step on your dignity if you are determine to preserve it, and definitely no one can take your country away if you truly deserve it. It does not matter if you believe in each other, what matters is that Lebanon believes in you. Your country is calling you to stand up and save it. What do you intend to do, stay apart and allow outsiders to take it away? Lebanon deserves your attention and devotion. There is no more time to waste. Let us all cross the bridge of freedom together as one.

The ultimate questions here are: Do you want your freedom back or not? Are you determined to keep your identity or not? We all need to do more than talk and hide. We need to stand up courageously shout loudly. We need to send a clear message to the so-called public officials, that Lebanon and freedom are not going to die, Our identity is not going to becomes something else we will not allow it to happen.

Syria is Syria and Lebanon is Lebanon, they have to understand that we are determined to gain back our independence and freedom. They have to accept us for who we are, and understand that we will be more than happy to work with them side by side through understanding, and mutual respect as two independent nations and not as masters and slaves

Lebanon does not belong to Syria or anybody else. It belongs to the people who build it from hard work and sweat. It belongs to its authors and thinkers. It belongs to all the people who gave their lives so we can live with dignity.

Do not allow lies and deception to consume your heads, it is a game of divide and conquer, Wise up and join hands. THE TIME IS NOW.

Long live the free Lebanon

Yours truly,

George Khoury
LCCC Foreign Affairs Chairman