The Three Stooges

By:  George Khoury,
A True Lebanese 9/7/01

The funny three presidents are bickering and pointing fingers at each other without focusing on the real problem.  The Lebanese economy is on the verge of collapsing, the threat of war is imminent, the Mafia-style = operation is running the country and our lovely three presidents have no clue, but passing the blame. It is a great feeling for all the Lebanese knowing that these puppets are in charge, what an honor?

Lahoud, Harriri and Berri, you were installed by the occupier, you do not represent what we are, have no concern for our well being, could care less if we live or die as long as your individual interests are protected. = The time has come for the three of you to start acting responsible and focus on the actual problems, or simply resign and let someone else do the job.  We are really amazed by your treacherous tactics and detachments from reality behavior. What is it going to take for all of you to sink in another war and devastate the country? If Syria is itching for a fight then, by all means, they can get their army out of Lebanon and go fight for the Golan heights. It is that simple.

To the Syrian regime: Enough lying and playing with words.  Either stand up and fight Israel, or get out and leave us alone, you can not keep hiding behind little kids and women, you can not keep playing war games in our country.  Lebanon does not belong to you, it was not build with your sweat and hard work. It was build by the Lebanese alone, therefore gather your army and get out, you have done enough damage already... it is time for you to go.

We do not understand how the Syrian regime is thinking. Is this the way a big sister treats a younger brother, what brotherhood is this? Who said that the big sister  can come to Lebanon uninvited and ravage what the Lebanese have worked so hard for? Who gave the Damascus rulers the right to infiltrate our society and dictate our destiny? Which law allows Syria that entered our country under the mandate of restoring peace to imprison, send in exile and assassinations patriotic Lebanese and their legitimate national leaders? My fellow Lebanese, it is not a crime to stand up for your identity and freedom. On the contrary, it is your God given right to voice loud you opinions. It seems that the world is leaping forward into the future, while the Syrian regime still insisting to live in the past. If that is wha= t they want no problem, let them leave our country and do it in their own.. Lebanon does not belong to Syria or any body else, the Lebanese alone are the rightful owners, and it is going to remain so until eternity.

The Lebanese are not going to allow a Stalinist dictatorship regime to stop them from joining the world community in progress and prosperity.  Our people are in control of their own destiny. Lebanon does not belong to Syria and is not going to be a chip in its regime's war game. The time has come for Syria and its Lebanese puppets to go, no more free lunch, no more stealing. The whole world will soon realize what the Syrian schemes are.  Freedom and liberty will live for ever.

The Lebanese-Syrian appointed officials are not going to stand up for Lebanon and its people. Syria appointed them to serve its interests and expansionism agenda.  Freedom and liberty means nothing for these traitors or otherwise Syria would have not installed them.

It is the right of all Lebanese to ask all of these puppets to step down and face charges of treason. They have inflicted pain, destruction, division, poverty and oppression. It is time for them to stop lying, the people do not believe anything they say. They have no honor and no dignity. Those officials who have no respect for their own dignity, can't gain the respect of their people. History is not going to forget any of these traitors. Sooner or later they will be asked to answer for all their = treacherous and Trojan actions. The sooner the better.

Long live the free Lebanon.