We Pity the Collaborators

By: Freedom Fighter

To the Freedom Fighters inside Lebanon; We Salute You. You are Lebanon's True Army on the inside, as we are Lebanon's Army on the outside. We are fighting together for a Free Lebanon, Free from the Syrian Occupation.

To all other inhabitants of Dark Syrian Lebanon today, we pray every night in our family, for your Emancipation. We cry for you our fellow citizens, every time we see you on the LBC or Al Jazeerah, and you complain, prescribe, prostate, and declare you opinions about the ills of Lebanon, and yet, you fail to state the truth, to pronounce it clearly, the root of all our ills; the Syrian Occupation of Our Homeland.

To all the family heads who have to provide for little ones; we honor your daily struggle for daily bread. We pray for you every night in our family, that you keep teaching your children about Free Lebanon, the one that Was, and the Greater One coming very soon.

To all Oppressors of Lebanon, whether Syria, Israel, the United States, Europe, the Vatican, Iran, and all others, we pray every night in our family for your liberation from greed, State programming, and madness. We pray for your/our people. Planet Earth is one world with one people. When any of us hurts, we all hurt. We are only one specie, among thousands, with equal rights to the blessings of life on this planet.

To All Lebanese intellectuals in the Diaspora, it is up to you to lead the Liberation of Lebanon. To all the Lebanese intellectuals inside Lebanon; it is also up to you to lead the Liberation of Lebanon. "Ittikaliye" or reliance on others - that is the main historical problem of our culture. Wait for America's policy to change, wait until ancient Assad dies, wait until Michel Aoun returns. WAIT NO MORE! Lead! Do not wait for any one else. Move on, achieve, accomplish, win, live, provide. Be the best in whatever field you are in, provide for all humans around you with no discrimination, and teach them about human dignity and human rights by example, and how they are today denied in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Tibet, and many where else on this planet.

To the intellectuals in the Syrian-installed regime we pity you, we cry for your spiritual deprivation. We pray every night in our family so that you too can accomplish the joy of human dignity by leading the Track of the Free. To Tell the Truth, and Live the Truth. That is surely hard for humans, but we the Lebanese, are Super Humans, who will create and define the new World Order. It will be based either on some extraordinary religion of love like Christianity, or an extraordinary Ideology of Humanity and Mother Earth, or all and any of the above.

To all Lebanese and World economists who are today scratching their heads for solutions to lift Lebanon back into respectability we say; Prosperity comes from Freedom not planning. The Liberation of Lebanon from the Syrian occupation is good for your business. We will meet our obligations and exceed them then provide for others in the best traditions of our legendary generosity. The only condition is the return of Freedom, Independence, and Sovereignty of Lebanon to the mature and civilized Lebanese people themselves. You have to fire the international mafia you imposed on us, and hire us, the Lebanese people to do business with you. We are far more honorable, steady, and reliable business partners.

To our Very Dear Lebanese Army, on the evening of your anniversary we say; Revolt Now!
No more time to lose. Fire at every Syrian position and kick the invaders out! Now! Mother Earth is sick at how her children have abused her, denied her, and are murdering her. Big nations or small, make no difference. We are all summoned to eternal judgment, all together not one after the other. It is time to unite the family of Nations as one Humanity toward building a Humanistic New World Order based on a New Macroeconomic system that promotes healing Mother Earth, and its creatures, through Green technologies. Lebanon and Tibet and Angels sacrificed at the altar of the New Rome!

Long Live Free Eternal Lebanon