It is time to go

By: George Khoury, A true Lebanese

LCCC Foreign Affairs Chairman

The time has come for all Lebanese installed officials to step down and face charges for treason. Enough camouflaging lies, the Lebanese people have figured the whole thing out already. These puppets do not represent what Lebanon is all about; they certainly are not upholding the Lebanese constitution or protecting the citizens of Lebanon. Therefore it is the duty of the Lebanese people to ask all of them to resign their posts and be confined to house arrest immediately until an appointed Judicial committee decide their fait.

The legitimate government of Lebanon is Generalís Aoun who is exiled in France is to take over until a new president and government are elected. According to the Lebanese constitution if a President was not elected due to any reason the commander of the army becomes the acting prime minister until a President has been elected by the Parliament. Therefore all governments since 1990 have not been legitimate, our constitution was altered by the power of the gun Syria forced its will on Lebanon through the "Taef accord" which did not have equal representation of all Lebanese.

The following steps needs to be implemented immediately by a new transitional national unity government:

Long live the free Lebanon