The Taef Syrian Occupation Regime

It called itself, "Second Republic" and desecrated in the temple, whereby there is no republic, just a Syrian-occupied Lebanon with regimes of collaborators since October 13, 1990. The term was stolen by the Syrian dictatorship as they steal Geography, and falsify

The First Republic was that of prosperous, free, cultural, and dignified Lebanon. One with a free open press, free enterprise system, and marvelous educated people admired and liked around the globe. When a Lebanese passport was greatly respected in all international airports. When Lebanon was called: the Switzerland of the Middle East.

The phase we entered the last 21 years (1975-2001) was ushered by the Syrian invasion of our Homeland. Our True Second Republic is yet to come, very soon, with a Glorious victory for the Lebanese and Human Rights around the globe. An 80 year struggle between Free Lebanon, and subsequent envious Syrian dictatorships will come to an end. Including the current conflict with the Al-Wash regime, Arabic for "The Beast", which is the reported true last name of the Assad clan in their hometown of Kordaha. A tyrannical and bloody regime, one among of the worst track records in history in all fields. A Dictatorship who govern through assassinations, drug trafficking, money laundering, international terrorism, bombardment of civilians, economic pillaging, occupation, and genocide, By turning its own country into a big jail where torture has become a common police "technique". The same Syrian regime, has been recently accused by US Secretary of Defense Mr. Ramsfield, of developing weapons of Mass Destruction.

The same Syrian regime was entrusted under the Taef Accord to "help" Lebanon achieve peace. Taef rewarded the arsonist, and surrendered the victim to the murderer. All people, governments, and organizations who supported Taef, have bloodied their hands with the life of Lebanon. It is a shame unto them that must be redeemed. The International community owes it to Lebanon and must act to reverse the Syrian occupation.

Since the announcement of Great Lebanon back in the early 1920's, Syria has conspired against and attacked Lebanon on numerous occasions. During the fifties and sixties, Syria closed its border several times, as economic blackmail, to suffocate the booming
Lebanese economy and affect the policies of its government. Syria promoted armed infiltrations into Lebanon in 1956. In the late sixties it facilitated the Palestinian guerillas infiltrations, and the seventies, in the so-called Lebanese Civil War which was simply the "War of the Others", it moved in directly with its own troops. Up to today, Syria refuses to establish an embassy in Beirut and to recognize Lebanon as an independent Sovereign Nation, member of the United Nations, to be FULLY respected. In the first Republic, we defeated the Syrian designs for 30 years (1943-1974), in this phase we lost the first republic in battle, but we did not sign nor surrender, and we continue to struggle more defiantly every day. Now and in a thousand year, we insist on a Free Lebanon, with sovereignty, human rights, democracy, equality and opportunity, to all ITS people, regardless of religion, color, race, ethnic or national origins, and deep respect to all other guests. A Free, Sovereign, and absolutely Independent Lebanon without any foreign troops whatsoever.At this point, our strategic interest conflicts severely with that of Syria, since it pursues our annihilation from the map as people, state, and identity. This is not a matter of changing a government or opposition, this is a war of extinction that Syria has launched against us. We are not opposition, We Are Resistance! We practice it with a Free Pen not weapons of war, with Free Voices not ammunition, with a peaceful popular uprising not violence.

Our problem with Syria precedes the Palestinian-Israeli problems which started in 1948, and will not end when Peace is achieved between them. Our conflict with Syria will continue until Syria achieves respectability with itself and among nations, by withdrawing
completely from Lebanon. By changing its dictatorship into a full fledged popular democracy with superior respect of all human rights and international laws. When it renounces all its expansionist ideologies and absolute rule. Then and only then, shall we have brotherly relationships with the Syrian people. Today, it is the Syrians who are Not acting as brothers. They have been murdering in Lebanon since 1921.

We the Lebanese have the Right to our own Sovereign Nation. No power on this planet can deny us this right. It is guaranteed to us by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as by all International laws and precedents, most of all, We Ordain it!

Long Live Free Lebanon
Freedom Fighter

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