Lebanon’s Chowchesko

By: Freedom Fighter


During the Syrian bombardments of Free Lebanon, general Emile Lahoud was a despised “regular” of bomb shelters. Old men, women, and children were inundated with his hysterical presence, panicky runs into shelters, and his ongoing sobbing. Lahoud was also a regular at the Bain Militaire resort, where he spent quite days bronzing on the beach while Lebanon is slaughtered in the background under the Syrian Hatred of the Assad dictatorship. Finally, when his nerves couldn’t take it anymore, he ran towards the Syrian lines in 1990, and was swiftly evaluated and elevated for his character, by the Syrian occupation regime, and appointed head of remnants of the Lebanese army operating under direct Syrian military command. He saw no military action until after the Syrians overrun the last bastion of Free Lebanon on October 13, 1990. Hrawi and Lahoud were carried into power on top of Syrian tanks.

A coward and hater, Lebanon’s Judas is the best subservient collaborator the Syrian occupation regime could find. He provided the façade the Syrian dictatorship needed to rule Lebanon indirectly. And now that civil society has assertively reestablished itself, the Syrian dictatorship feels threatened, and has moved to establish direct Syrian rule through Lahoud’s own militia and thugs in the Syrian-organized Military Intelligence Services.

Thanks to world chaperons, Lebanon under the Taef Accord, has become a big Gulag. Since day one of the Syrian occupation, thousands of Lebanese have been kidnapped, arrested, tortured, jailed, and forced into exile. This has been attested to by International bodies such as Amnesty International, Middle East Watch, and the US State Department country reports. What happened this week is just a continuation, albeit at a larger scale of policies of civil-genocide which the Taef Syrian regime has perpetuated since 1990.

Simply and clearly put, Emile Lahoud, is a Syrian-appointed collaborator and a low-life traitor to Lebanon. He has since surrendered what’s left of Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence to Syria in numerous treaties that ravaged Lebanon’s economy and security to the benefit of Syria’s. Since 1990, 1.2 million Lebanese have been forced into exile, and 400,000 Syrians and other non-Lebanese have been nationalized, in a grand effort to empty Lebanon from its rightful original inhabitants and replace them with Syrian nationals who now can vote in sham elections conducted periodically under the tank barrels of 30,000 Syrian occupation troops and hordes of Syrian organized secret services.

Emile Lahoud, is far less dignified than general Petain of occupied France, far more cowardly than Jaruzelski of Poland, far more criminal than Chowchesko of Romania, and potentially far more unstable than Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge. A licker of the Syrian boot, a stabber in the back, a thief who steals from the widows and orphans of Lebanon, a hater who sends his thugs to aggress innocent young Lebanese whose only crime was to peacefully demonstrate and demand Syria’s withdrawal from our homeland. This despicable man, supposedly entrusted with our constitution and laws, jumps above the constitution and above all laws, and launches a new war against the Lebanese for simply expressing their peaceful opinions, then tries to herd us into the Syrian slaughterhouse, shamelessly under the cameras of world media.

We did not disband when they were bombing us, and we shall not disband now. You cannot “disband” a whole people. We do not take our legitimacy, nor any permit, from an occupation regime. Our people have decided to Be, and Live Free, and no tyranny can triumph against us. After we clean Lebanon from its collaborators, we are coming after you, low-life Syrian war criminals. We shall bring you to world justice for the crimes against humanity you have committed the last 30 years. I urge Lebanese and World legal bodies to file legal lawsuits in Courts of Law in Belgium, and other States, against the Lebanese and Syrian dictatorships officials.

World governments, the UN, and all global institutions, who for now have seen plenty of samples of Syria’s rule of Lebanon, should boycott the Lahoud puppet regime as all Lebanese do today, and clearly declare the Syrian occupation of Lebanon illegal and to be removed immediately and unconditionally. To clear its record in front of history, the UN must establish severe sanctions, a total blockade, directly against the Syrian dictatorship until it acknowledges and applies UN resolution 520 which requires its full withdrawal from Lebanon.

Emile Lahoud, you have now elevated yourself from a simple collaborator to a war criminal. We shall bring you to justice in Lebanon and elsewhere, and there will be no corner of this Earth where you can hide.

Long Live Free Lebanon
Freedom Fighter