Republican Guards of Iran.

By: George Khoury LCCC - Foreign Affairs Chairman

We guess the question is who allowed the Iranian republican guards in Lebanon and why? Someone has to ask especially when their departure stunned so many Lebanese to find out that Lebanon had Iranian troops on its soil. If the Syrians want to fight Israel with Iranian help, by all means, they can do it from Syrian soil. They can allow the Iranian army to occupy Syria and not Lebanon. The cunning faces have fallen, lies can no longer play a role at the expense of Lebanon. Syria and its proxies in Lebanon better accept responsibility for their actions that held Lebanon as a hostage, and destroyed its unique foundation for the interest of others.

A golden opportunity is being presented to Lebanon today; the question is? Are the ones in charge smart enough to take advantage of it? The world has united against terror of any form, the time has come for all involved in the Middle East to accept the challenge and move forward. The time has come to put all differences aside and work together for achieving a real peace in the region. Special interests have to be put aside for the sake of humanity and the safety of our kids, enough violence and despair. The time has come to throw away guns and replace them with computers. Let us all allow our kids to explore new opportunities, allow knowledge to flourish, get the hate out of our hearts, take a look around us and work on improving peoples lives. The earth is too small for all these conflicts, let us open our eyes, if we keep going this direction there will be no winners, we will all loose regardless.

As for the Lebanese Government the time has come to stand up and tell the truth, No guts no Glory. Stop allowing foreigners to rape your identity and dictate your destiny, the time has come for all of you to take a deep look and start accepting responsibility. Stop allowing yourselves to be played for personal gain, stop with all your lies and deception. For once stand up as real man and have some dignity and honor, you will no longer be allowed to destroy the land of the Cedars, its glory will come back and Lebanon will regain back it independence and freedom.

Let us just hope you are on the right side when the time comes, nothing is going unnoticed history is keeping records and so are we, rest assure.

Long live freedom forever.