Open letter to Syria’s Foreign Minister Mr. Faruq Al-Shara

By: George Khoury LCCC Foreign Affairs Chairman 10/10/2001

The wise man has spoken; we are really impressed with your understanding of what occupation is. Unfortunately, you are a day late and a dollar short. Allow us to clarify some points about “hidden agendas and occupation” if you do not mind.

Judging from your statement to German Foreign Minister Mr. Joschka Fisher and the European community: "Syria is willing to help against terrorism as long as there are no hidden agendas by the United States". Let us be frank and tell the truth, we all understand the occupation of the Golan Heights, and the Shebaa Farms. However the question is, do you understand Syria's occupation and terrorism against Lebanon? We are sure you can't deny that Syria has been occupying Lebanon for the last 25 years under the false pretence of maintaining peace and defending it against Israel. We are more then sure you ridicule such argument. But if we assume this is the actual reason, could you please explain why Syria has not yet engaged militarily with Israel even once during its countless assaults against Lebanon including massive invasions?

By the same token if Syria consider the Lebanese to be brothers why then its regime had assassinated several Lebanese national leaders, two elected presidents, tens of journalists, killed brutally thousands of innocent citizens, kidnapped, tortured and detained thousands of patriotic Lebanese? Could you explain to the whole world why 18.000 bodies (Syrians and Lebanese) are buried in the vicinity of the Tadmour detention Center in a mass grave? Could you tell the Lebanese people why more then two thousand of their beloved citizens are still in your notorious jails deprived of their main basic rights not clear if they are dead or alive? Is this the reason why your country was elected to the UN Council membership?

Mr. Al-Shara, please tell us who has given the Damascus occupation authority to arrest and torture hundreds of Lebanese patriotic university students? Who has given Syria the authority to manipulate Lebanon's citizenship law and illegally grant our citizenship to 500 thousands non-Lebanese, mainly Syrians? Who gave you the mandate to change Lebanon's balanced demography and endanger our common living? Who gave Syria the authority to confiscate Lebanon’s freedom and decision making internationally and locally? Still you have the audacity to speak about terrorism; Isn't Syria inflicting on Lebanon and its people terrorism? What is Syria's hidden agenda in Lebanon and why you do not honor Lebanon’s sovereignty independence and free democratic system? Is the creation of Great Syria your hidden agenda? Mr. Al-Shara, the evidence for such confederacy (Great Syria that comprises Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Yeman, Hadramout) is well on its way. It is a known fact that Syria has already colonized Lebanon and is proceeding on killing its institutions one at a time. Secret deals are being conducted in between the puppet government of Lebanon and Syria without the knowledge of the Lebanese people. Syria has infiltrated sensitive key positions in the Lebanese army with more than 5000 agents working as operatives learning every aspect of the Lebanese lives and culture. Another deal is being conducted of combining the Ministry of Communication with its sister in Syria with the advantage of making Syria the communication hub for all calls and Internet services in Lebanon. Such agreement would allow Syria to take control over all communications in Lebanon and allow its secret service called (Mukhabarat) to arrest any one who dares to speak out the word democracy, or freedom regardless of religious background. Syria has no intention of complying with UN resolution 520 or respect the Taef accord agreement, it was merely a cunning tactic by the late Hafez Assad to take control over Lebanon, and eventually annex it as a part of Syria.

Your scheme to pressure the Lebanese government puppet regime to send into early retirement ten's of high ranking army generals and replace them with Syrian officers is known to all Lebanese. The people are else aware that Syria is planning to merge the two armies (Lebanese & Syrian armies) under the false pretence of facing the Israeli threat, thus taking control over Lebanon under the eyes of the free world through lies and deception.

Mr. Al-Shara with respect to your position, please stop playing with words, Syria’s plan is no secret to anyone. We can assure you that the whole world knows what the Syrian regime's intentions are and is fully informed about its hidden expansionism agenda. You can fool some of people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. The world is aware of the Syrian regime’s cunning tactics. You installed a puppet government in Lebanon to serve your interests only; you infiltrated Hamas and the Islamic jihad for the purpose of undermining Arafat’s control over the Palestinian. All of this is done to hasten the Great Syria dream that will never ever be a reality.

Mr. Al-Shara, you and the rest of Damascus Stalinist regime officials should pay an immediate visit to the Naher Al-Khaleb rocks. You should camp there for one day during which you can review history and learn more about Lebanon and about its people. These rocks show plainly what Syria's fate, as an occupier shall be. You Syria's rulers take some free advice and leave Lebanon with dignity while you still can do so. Or otherwise you will end just on a small rock that says; The Syria occupation army was humiliated, defeated and forced out of Lebanon!!!!". Those who do not learn from history will have no future.

Long live Freedom forever.