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May Murr

Lebanon-Phoenicia, Land of GOD

seen through

The History of Lebanon-Phoenicia, Giant of Histories

A Compendium of Civilization

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These words, which are designed to sum up Lebanon-Phoenicia, are dedicated to our children and to all the Lebanese, here and in the Lebanese World, in the hope that they will spread this verity, which appears to us as bright as the Sun: it seems that the day God decided to choose for himself a land on earth, He chose Lebanon-Phoenicia to be the "land of El", "Home of El", and "Heart of El".

A.M., M.M.

Beirut - Lebanon

Table of contents:

Lebanon-Phoenicia, Land of God, seen through the History of Lebanon-Phoenicia, giant of histories. This title was chosen in consideration of the particular ties which bind our country to God and to the destinies of mankind. It is the fruit of a third of a century of research, partly made with the collaboration of my husband Alfred Murr, author of a Dictionary of Lebanese-Phoenician Civilization. Close to 1000 of my articles, supported with notes, resume its essence. May our history, which now walks on its head, raise its face again proudly.

First edition, 1993.
All rights reserved to the author.

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"LEBANON, BEING A HOLY LAND," was called "Land of God", "Home of God", "Mount of God", "Sea of God", "Fields of God" (Chaddum Elum, whence Champs Elysées)... as shown in our ancient texts (of Ugarit...), those of Egypt, of Mesopotamia... He was then called Lebanon - which, as was proved by eminent scholars, especially the Syriac bishop George Saliba, means in Syriac, daughter of our language and that of Christ, Heart of God" - it was also called Phoenicia, with as its emblem, the Phoenix eagle who dies and resuscitates the third day. The names of our country were those of giant Lebanese Phoenicians; they were also given to everything that is glorious and beautiful: Phoenix was given to the élite, to the polar star, "Phoeiké", sunrise, purple, the palm trees, roses..., and Lebanon to whiteness, snow, milk, incense and the aromatic tree louban or loubna... They are regarded as the "noblest and holiest names."

LEBANON, BRAIN AND HEART OF LEBANON-PHOENICIA, and once, of the world, is "the most beautiful country", said Ezekiel. His quasi paradisiacal nature providentially designates him the ideal birthplace of man. His present area: 10,452 km², is the vital minimum. In his glorious eras - the last of which was that of the great Fakhr Eddine - his area reached 300,000 km². Having kept his heart, our mountains that throb his name, and his brain, our cities, generative of civilizations: Beirut, Byblos, Tyre, Sidon, Zahleh, Tripoli, Cana of Galilee..., Lebanon remained an entity and will become once more a pioneer among nations.

THE PAST OF LEBANON-PHOENICIA, KING OF KINGS, HAS MADE HIS PREHISTORY AND HISTORY THE GIANTS OF PREHISTORIES AND HISTORIES. Like every past, our past is divided into two parts: before and after Jesus Christ. Its data allow us to refute the allegations of certain foreigners - including Herodotus, falsely accused of having brought the Phoenicians from Arabia - who claim that the origin of our ancestors is outside Lebanon. On the contrary, they confirm the assertion of the great Egyptian epic poet Nonnos of Panopolis, quoting the ancients, including Melkart-Hercules and Sanchoni Aton of Beirut, the compiler of the works of our first historians: "Since the beginning of Time men lived here, men of a divine race; their age is the age of the Universe."

CIVILIZATION I: THE PREHISTORY OF LEBANON-PHOENICIA IS THE GIANT OF PREHISTORIES. Science asserts that most of the civilizations called "paleolithic" began in our country much earlier than elsewhere. The most important events are the birth of the Man-Mind in Borj Qinnarit, the apparition of the Homo Sapiens, in Adloun, the faith in God and in immortality in Ksar Akil (Antelias) and in Nab' al Mgara, the site of the first sanctuary. Our prehistoric ancestors, defined by their stone or metal industry, were however the first creators of the matters of the mind and of God. Let us define them by themselves, starting with: the age of the Mind new-born in God.