The principles of the Guardians.
1.- Intellect: People vanish, while intellect lives on. Our Movement gives first priority to this matter.

2.- Alertness: Our Movement is not only aware of all our Nation's political, social and economic problems, but it is fully conscious of their causes. It is capable of the diagnosis and possesses the cure.

3.- Insight: Our Movement possesses all the solutions to our chronic crisis. These solutions, having undergone a meticulous and rational study, can radically and practically remedy our case and modernise our Country.

4.- Decency: No Movement can carry out any reform unless it enjoys morality and idealism.

Our movement, being extremely cautious about this fact, has made it impossible for immoral members to find way to its ranks.

5.- Discipline: Our Movement is distinguished by the enlightened discipline of its members, a conviction which is essential for the execution of reform by political movements and parties.

6.- Charity, Insight, Freedom: All members holding responsible positions must enjoy these qualities. by charity, we mean the love of God, of the earth and of the human beings. Our senior executives must have great concern for their subordinates and must be exemplary in their conduct, even in their personal manners.

7.- Sense of Responsibility: Irrespective of the post or the mission allocated to them, all members must act as if they were the only persons held responsible in that specific instance, and use their initiative, relinquishing dependence and resignation.

8.- Missionary spirit: All members are enticed to preach their convictions, enlighten the greatest possible number of our countrymen and prepare the national opinion to accept and support the new reform movement.

9.- Hierarchy: As many cadres as possible must be rationally availed by the Party, to accommodate the greatest number of new partisans.

10.- Ambition: We are convinced that the new State we contemplate, must be founded on national pride and manned by dynamic and resolute leadership. Ambition generates power from weakness and valiance from hesitance.

We are also convinced that small nations feed on colossal ambitions and flourish on colossal roles.