'The ideology of the 'Guardians of the Cedars'

        The political parties of the East in general, and the parties of Lebanon in particular, were born and evolved around the thought of the person and his very existence. It began with the person and ended up with him. This case is typical of almost all the Lebanese parties which began to fade away and disappear upon the death of the person.

        This ailing situation, compelled the people who founded the political program of the 'Guardians of the Cedars' to rely on thought and thought alone, as the ideological framework based on their belief that thought remains while persons are bound by death. Henceforth, the ideology is a complete framework in time and place and the persons serve it successively contrary to what most parties did when they subordinated the ideologies to the servitude of the persons and their continuity, the thing that led to their demise with the death of the persons.

        All the positions which has been taken by the parties and the governors over the last 50 years of ruling in Lebanon was divided to 3:

        The Guardians of the Cedars did not subscribe to any of these groups but rather took an outstanding position that is firmly established on objective understanding of the reality at hand and to confront it and develop it towards the better with great emphasis on the heritage of the past, the intensity of the present and a good observant look to the future. This position is based on several historic facts and universal constants that would insure the continuousness of the ideology as long as God exists, the universe is there and man is the image of God.

The ideology of the 'Guardians of the Cedars' is based on an undivided trinity that is God, Man and Lebanon.

A - God

        The First Being; Creator of man and the universe; Owner of eternity; time and place are within him; all creatures turn to him; he is their life-force; from him springs love, freedom and knowledge; this is the trinity that man and the universe are based upon, hence, the faith in God for the 'Guardians of the Cedars' is the beginning and the end and is the lighthouse that lights the way to a safe shore.

B - Man

As much as the 'Guardians of the Cedars' believes in God, they also believe in everything that comes from him. Based on this formula, they believe in man who is born in the image of God, endowed with immortality after death and shares eternity with God. Man's beginning and end are the three qualities that God honored him with: Love, Knowledge and Freedom.

C - Lebanon

        The historic holy land; temple of God on earth: this description was considered romanticism a short time ago, but what His Holiness the Pope has said during his visit to Lebanon is a definitive proof for what we believe and will remain to believe in. Pope John Paul II literally said: "We are on a pilgrimage to Lebanon". These words need no further comment.
        Lebanon will remain, as always, Lebanese without any labels. The French passed through it yet it remained Lebanese. The Ottomans ruled it and it remained Lebanese. The stinky winds of Arabism blows through it, but the wind will wither away and Lebanon will remain Lebanese. I do not know what will become of those wretched people who claim that Lebanon is Arabic when Arabism disappears from the map of the Middle East and a new Middle East would emerge, which is clean from Arabs and Arabism.

Based on three principles, that are Geography, History and the People, the 'Guardians of the Cedars' believes in the Lebanese Nationalism as a developed, firm and definitive ideology.

Yl, god of love and peace.
Cadmus, who carried the alphabet to the world.
Mokos, the first to talk about the atom.
Democracy and the trust of the two councils, from Tyre and Sidon.
Euclid, founder of engineering and geometry.
Thor the Babylonian, Phythagoras, Aristotle, Homer, Zeno of Citium.
Olpianus, Aemilius Papinianus ... and many other great names in history who were either born, educated or lived in Lebanon.

        The Lebanese traveled the Mediterranean and beyond with their ships carrying knowledge and science to the world, as explorers and not as conquerors, and established great cities that were splendid and distinctive in history. These cities were founded on knowledge and civilization and never had to carry the sword except to defend its freedom that was equal to its existence. In defending their freedom, the Lebanese have a great and dignified history and here are some of the great spots:

        We were mindful in this presentation to ensure those who are weak-hearted, ignorant and have doubts that regardless of the rough times and difficult crisis, Lebanon will endure and prevail because its resistance, that is firmly established in history, never stopped and it is continuous in time and place.
        For the 'Guardians of the Cedars', the emphasis on Lebanon's history is not meant for exultation about the glory of the past but to enhance the present, reject its menacing reality and then, based on our past and heritage, we move forward to a better and magnificent one. This is the outstanding position which we embraced in our struggle.
        If the present is a continuity of the past, accordingly the future is a continuity of the present and there will be no disruption but rather endless giving.