Since the formation of our Party; ”The Guardians of the cedars-National Lebanese Movement”, our principal aim has been CONSTANT RENOVATION, otherwise we would be adding another name to the existing long list of political parties in Lebanon, for no valid purpose whatsoever.

The RENOVATION we are toiling for is, at the same time factual, dynamic, remedial and incentive. It is above all, totally founded on historic experience.

Among the numerous items involved in our contemplated renovation are the following:

1.- The current political complex which has always distinguished itself in its servility to foreign caprice, cowardice, cheating and exploitation.

2.- The current structure of the Nation which is both a disintegrating agent and a counterfeit to our identity and culture.

3.- The current moral and ethical trend which glorifies corruption and degeneration.

4.- The current administration which has always had a shameful reputation for bribery, indolence and irresponsibility.

5.- The economic system which has always suffered from pronounced confusion and monopoly. Its staff, through their insatiable greed, have relentlessly exploited our citizens and reduced our lower and middle classes to absolute misery; knowing that our middle class has always been our Nation’s backbone.

6.- The cultural and educational systems, which have drastically failed their purpose and promoted ignorance and backwardness rather than knowledge and progress.

7.- The language and the alphabet adopted, which tend to cripple the mind rather than enrich it.

8.- The resident foreigners, whose increasing number has developed into a cancerous invasion of our land, sovereignty and dignity.

Briefly, we are aiming at a comprehensive revolution which will resent any further patching to the dilapidated cloak; an aim so far regarded by the others as alien to their logic.

It is the actual accomplishment of such a revolution which acted as a basic incentive for the creation of our Movement which we have founded on three principles, namely: Intellect, Rectitude and Practicality:

- INTELLECT Consists in Keeping our partisans well informed and well equipped with updated knowledge, sound reasoning and valid evidence.

- RECTITUDE Consists in bracing the mind with authentic historic facts, true principles and clear honest stands.

- PRACTICALITY Consists in assessing events rationally and employing them to the best advantage of our Party’s march.

Our partisans are expected to adhere to these principles and are trained to practise them in three phases, namely:

- FACTUALITY Consists in treating events rationally and impersonally.

- INCARNATION Consists in viewing events as if they had been initiated by the partisans themselves.

- DEDICATION Consists in transforming the current events into beneficial political accomplishments.

In order to help our partisans accomplish all three phases, we have created a preparatory institute where the candidates first get acquainted with our fundamental doctrines and principles, then decide whether to join the Party or otherwise.

Those who willingly choose to become dedicated partisans, follow a series of educational courses (within our premises) on politics, history, sociology and humanity. In addition to the above, we publish a private periodical by the name of ”National Alertness” to help guiding our partisans’ steps in harmony with the Party’s principles.

The President of the Party who is responsible for conducting its march, directing its course and achieving its goals, also has to define the doctrines, ensure rectitude, promote alertness and look after the proper formation of the partisans.

This is how we have always managed to concentrate on quality and avoid cumulative quantity, thus turning our partisans into real disciples who carry the cause deep in their hearts and, each one of them considers himself leader of the march.

Therefore, the ”EXTRACTS” you will read in these documents are but one link in the long chain of our revolutionary trend and, it is earnestly hoped that, through your kind efforts, they will reach many citizens, who will then be free to accept or reject them, after serious and scrupulous consideration of course.

The main evils dominating the political trend in Lebanon which urged us to publish ”National Alertness” are:

1.- Idolatry 2.- Instinctive Subordination

In our opinion, Idolatry applies to those citizens who blindly idolise specific persons that unscrupulously abuse, cheat and humiliate them.

On the other hand, Instinctive subordination applies to those citizens who instinctively and blindly surrender to the opinion of their family, tribe, feudal leader, local organisation, faith or community. These clans are subsequently transformed into dummy-political-parties camouflaged by sundry doctrines and principles that usually crumble under the slightest confrontation.

How could our citizens possibly suffer such primitive mentality when they are the descendants of a nation as old as mankind and whose mind is equally as old!

Our Nation has always had its natural geographical boundaries, its uninterrupted history, its distinguished culture and a great heritage with which to defy the world.

It is therefore most unfortunate that some of us are either ashamed of their Lebanese nationality or consider it a mere legend with no scientific support of any kind. There are others who dare to pretend that it is a casual ”rash” left over by the 19th century.

Our present armed struggle against the Syrian and Arabian ideologies has been initiated by our firm belief in the authenticity of the historic and geographic facts that have always confirmed the integrity of our Nation.

Lebanon’s sixth birth is about to take place soon.

The first birth took place in the days of Fakhruddin and was followed by a second in 1920 under the name of ”Great Lebanon”.

In 1943 ”Independent Lebanon” was born, followed by a 4th re-birth in 1958 as the ”Shaky Lebanon” and, finally in 1975 the ”Cracked Lebanon” came to existence.

Lebanon’s sixth re-birth will only be achieved by the alertness of her people and their human pride, not by their fanaticism, chauvinism, antagonism or isolationism.

Furthermore, Lebanon must spare no effort to resume his historic role as a country of enlightenment, open-mindedness and energetic activity.

I must thank Mr. Sad Akl for his inexhaustible resourcefulness which has inspired our Movement and traced its steady course, and hope that, this book (EXTRACTS FROM THE NATIONAL ALERTNESS) will very soon become a reality enjoyed by all our citizens, who would once more, assume a leading part in the making of civilisation and in shaping the fate of Nations