Here you can read statements of the Guardians of the Cedars.

The latest communiqué from the Guardians
Questions addressed to those in charge of the political situation
(updated 31/12/2005)

Previous communiqués

Articles from other Lebanese Patriotic Movements
(updated 26/1/2004)

Read this excellent report by Swedish Member of Parliament Nils Oskar Nilsson, from his study trip to Lebanon in May 2004
Read also this Motion to the Swedish Parliament by Mrs. Gunilla Karlsson, MP and Vice President of The Moderate Party

As a result of Abu Arz' trip to USA this letter was written by 11 US congressmen to President Clinton before his trip to Geneva and the meeting with the Syrian President.
Letter to Clinton

Read the "Lebanon Independence Restoration Act" by US representative Mike Forbes. We owe him tremendous gratitude for this work. 

Other Guardian Statements

16 Sep, 2005:   Statement from the Australia section of the GOC  
19 Jan, 2004:   Articles related to the arrests of Guardians of the Cedars members  
27 Jun, 2002:   Comments on the 4th Maronite Congress (Arabic)  
25 Apr, 2002:   Albert Moukhaiber, rest contended in Lebanese Soil Arabic
18 Apr, 2002:   Appeal for help: Tabriyeh Memorial  
14 Apr, 2002:   Distribute the Palestinian Arabs among the Arab countries. (New version)  
4 Apr, 2002:   Statement from The Guardians of the Cedars - AUSTRALIA Arabic
14 Mar, 2002:   Statement from The Guardians of the Cedars - AUSTRALIA (Arabic)  
25 Dec, 2001:   Statement from The Guardians of the Cedars - AUSTRALIA Arabic
9 Oct, 2001:   SYRIA: The Heart of Terrorism by Mordechai Nisan  
13 Sep, 2001:   Letter from Abu Arz to President Bush  
30 Jun, 2001:   So that Lebanon will prevail.  
17 Apr, 2001:   Aytaroun - revisited.  
2 Apr, 2001:   Distribute the Palestinian Arabs among the Arab countries. (New version)  
11 Mar, 2001:   History of the Drug Traffic in Lebanon and Syria


6 Mar, 2001:   The Forbidden Peace.

27 Feb, 2001:   The Syrian Occupation of Lebanon. (New version)

19 Feb, 2001:   A mortal epidemic: Arafatitis.  
19 Feb, 2001:   The Gospels and the Koran ignore Palestine and the Palestinians.  
5 Feb, 2001:   Did Israel betray their Lebanese allies?  
27 Nov, 2000:   The road to Golgotha, from Lebanon to the Syrian prisons.  
17 Nov, 2000:   The Hariri governments submission to Syria.  
16 Oct, 2000:   Palestinians in Lebanon.  
10 Oct, 2000:   Terrorized by Hizballah and Syrian security.  
15 Sep, 2000:   The Lebanese refugees in Israel.  
7 Sep, 2000:   Response to statements by Al-Sharaa.  
20 Jun, 2000:   Analysis of the Syrian occupation.  
14 Jun, 2000:   US Senate hearing on the future of Lebanon. (part 1)  
14 Jun, 2000:   US Senate hearing on the future of Lebanon. (part 2)  
28 May, 2000:   Abu Arz declares a Lebanese government in exile.  
4 May, 2000:   Statement by Abu Arz on the occasion of the 25th anniversary.  
28 Feb, 2000:   Speech by Abu Arz to U.S. House Committee 16 Feb, 2000  
14 Feb, 2000:   Syrian war crimes  
25 Oct, 1999:   The death of Adel Khalaf Ajouri.  
27 Sep, 1999:   Interview with Abu Arz in the Jerusalem Post.  
23 Sep, 1999:   Smear campaign targeting the Guardians of the Cedars.  
24 Jun, 1999:   Lebanon Independence Restoration Act of 1999.  
24 Jun, 1999:    Amnesty report on Lebanon 1998.  
29 Apr, 1999:   Statement from the Free Lebanon Movement.  
21 Apr, 1999:   Abu Arz on the Kosovo events.  
19 Apr, 1999:   U.N. Resolution #520.  
4 Apr, 1999:    Reflections on the Kosovo situation  
24 Mar, 1999:   Memo from Abu Arz.  
18 Mar, 1999:   From the WLO: Press Release.  
14 Jul, 1998:   From the WLO: The Demonstration of Paris  
6 Jul, 1998:   Abu Arz speech at WLO conference in Washington DC  
10 Jun, 1998:   The Threat: Human rights work in Lebanon  
14 Apr, 1998:   Communiqué from a Lebanese group.  
21 Jan, 1998:   Lebanese detainees in Syria  
18 Oct, 1997:   Parents committee formed.   Follow-up (Jan 21, 1998)  
9 Sep, 1997:   Israeli withdrawal?  
14 Mar, 1997:   The 14th of March.  
15 Jan, 1997:   Syrian army pullouts?  
15 Jan, 1997:   The parliamentary elections in Lebanon.  
15 Jan, 1997:   To Human Rights Watch: Lebanese civilians caught between fires.  
15 Jan, 1997:   Outline: Syrian occupation of Lebanon.