In February we wrote  about these atrocities committed by Hezballah in the village of Aytaroun, South Lebanon. Today we re-publish the message including the names of the victims and the name of the responsible.

The Cemetery of the Shiite Village of “Aytaroun”, South Lebanon, was completely excavated, and the bodies were dug out from the graves.

Hezballah dug out the Bodies of 17 graves of dead S.L.A soldiers, because they do not deserve to be buried in the South, according to Hezballah sources that wounded the mothers who tried to stop them.

Hezballah, who committed this profanation on February the 10th, threatened the residents of the village to speak out by convicting all the rest of collaboration with the enemy. A soldier from the Lebanese Army who tried to interfere, was arrested and transferred to the Hezballah headquarter called “El-NEDE”, where he was detained for several hours.

This profanation was executed on order of “HASSEN ALI ASSAYED”.

The 17 bodies dug out from the graves were the bodies of

  1. Mansour Khalil

  2. Aakanen Ali

  3. Aalik Samih

  4. Droubi Hassan

  5. Marmar Ali

  6. Mustafa Yasser

  7. Abdel Hassen Assayed Hassen

  8. Fakih Mohammad

  9. Hijazy Fouad

  10. Kassem Ali Hussein

  11. Taoube Bahige

  12. Mawwassi Abed

  13. Awada Wafic

  14. Assayed Mohammad Mustafa

  15. Abbass Aadel

  16. Shour Salah

  17. Farhat Hussein