The Australia Section of the Guardians of the Cedars Party - The Lebanese Nationalist Movement issued the following communiqué

Members of the Party in Australia strongly denounce the slander committed by some newspapers in the homeland by inserting the slogan, “Each Lebanese must kill a Palestinian” into the text of the press conference held recently by the Party. This expression dates back to the war time and does not represent our convictions and has no place in our political program. On the other hand we reaffirm that our official slogan is, “No Palestinian will stay on Lebanese soil”, a slogan that was adopted by everyone in Lebanon, including the Lebanese State, in the context of their rejection of the settling of the Palestinians refugees in Lebanon. Similarly, the Palestinians themselves refuse to stay in the countries of the Diaspora, and demand the Right of Return.

We also proudly declare our attachment to our faith in the uniquely Lebanese identity of Lebanon and we reject appending any other attribute to that identity, be it Arab or non-Arab. And we believe that the proposition that Lebanon is Arab is political heresy and a falsification of history. From that standpoint, our party statements on this subject have remained constant from the onset of the war and to this day, and we consider its exploitation by some for-hire newspapers in the negative manner we saw is another slanderous attack on the party, its members and its supporters.

As we condemn the distortion of the communique issued at our last press conference on September 13, 2005, we also reject all the expressions that were inserted wrongfully into the text of the conference by hatemongering newspapers, and we demand a re-publication of the full text of the press conference attached herewith without any additions or omissions. We finally reserve our rights to take legal action against anyone who tries to attack our party and harm it with such insidious and base methods.

Lebanon, at your service

Arthur Noul

Australia District President
September 16, 2005