The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following weekly communiqué:

The Syrians thought that they could hide their crimes under the soil of Lebanon, but here are the mass graves coming open one after the other as if to confirm what the Book said, “There is no creature that is hidden from His sight,...but everything lies bare and completely exposed before His eyes”. The blood of the innocents is crying from their graves and will not rest until it seeks out vengeance against their butchers.

The mass graves at Anjar are a new “exploit” to be added to the many achievements of the Syrian regime in Lebanon, and are concrete evidence of what we have been saying and repeating for many long years about the unlimited savagery and ugliness of that regime, the magnitude of the pain that the Lebanese had to endure under the “brotherly” custody, and the complicity of the free world with that custody that made it turn a blind eye to what was going on in Lebanon and allow this nation to fall prey alone into the jaws of the beast for thirty continuous years.

More horrifying than all this is that there are, to this day, people in Lebanon who defend this regime and justify its crimes under the pretext that it came to Lebanon “to end the civil war and stop the massacres that the Lebanese were committing against one another...”. This lie is repeated day in and day out by the Syrians and their poodles in order to hide behind it, every time a new scandal appears or a new mass grave is flung open from the earth.

Let not the wrong become right by mere repetition and reiteration. We say it without exaggeration: The War on Lebanon was essentially made in Syria, the Palestinian movements would not have dared to fight it were they not supported by the Syrian regime (The Saika organization, the Palestine Liberation Army, etc.) and had they not received the green light from Damascus. There is a mountain of evidence to this and they cannot all be enumerated here. But suffice it to cite two of them: First, the colonialist nature of the Syrian regime and its historic tendency to want to expand into Lebanon whenever it had the opportunity. Second, the Palestinian-Lebanese War provided the Syrian regime with a much awaited golden opportunity to pounce on Lebanon under the guise of wanting to stop the war that Syria itself ignited.

In all integrity before God and History, we say that Syria did not play a single positive role in Lebanon, neither before nor after its tutelage over the country. Not one single day did it stop the war, but rather was always keen on keeping it going by manipulating the internal contradictions on the basis of “Divide and Conquer”. On October 13, 1990, the war stopped by itself after Syria subjugated the regions that had resisted its domination and took over the entire country.

This is not to mention the Syrian exploitation of Lebanon all throughout the period of its tutelage and the systematic pilfering it carried out in all sectors: political, security, judicial, economic, banking (Al-Madinah Bank), real estate, development (the deals over fuel, electricity, ports, airport, cell phones, etc.)..etc. Syria indeed perfected the culture of corruption and corrupting and organized theft to their limits in all matters pertaining to finance and non-finance, in addition to the culture of individual and mass killings that is now unraveling since the assassination of Rafik Hariri and into the mass graves at Yarzeh and Anjar, and we expect more.

We say this to remain faithful to the truth and custodians of the mission as we have always been. We also say to Syria that the glory it built at the expense of Lebanon's wellbeing and the blood of its people will be brought down in Lebanon itself. The time has come.

Lebanon , at your service

Abu Arz
December 9, 2005