The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following weekly communiqué:

There are three parties who are responsible for the inferno in which Lebanon finds itself:

The regime as a whole, that is, both the opposition and loyalist camps of the political establishment are equally responsible, especially that individual squatting in Baabda over the lives of the Lebanese people and who won't take a hint to step down.

The government, or that melange that calls itself a government, that has demonstrated its failure in everything so far, that is impotent at doing anything at all, least of which protect the people against the free-for-all massacre that these organized selective terrorist assassinations really are.

And the March 14 forces that have stopped their grass-roots actions before achieving their objectives, and accelerated the holding of parliamentary elections on the basis of Ghazi Kanaan's electoral law, thus bringing to Parliament large blocs that do not reflect the people's will and do not represent the people adequately. They then went on to hinder the implementation of resolution 1559, sharply curtailing its impetus and momentum by only implementing its first provision pertaining to the Syrian withdrawal, and leaving the remaining provisions to the whims of a consensus, which led to this split within the regime, the government and the state, and to the present paralysis in taking a stand and making decisions.

The assassination of Gibran Tueni has brought things to a head. The people have given up on everything, with all these soft positions, cowardly decisions, half-baked solutions and consensual security. The people want nothing short of the following:

1- Bring the regime down, and with it all the figures of the former Syrian era who have become the Trojan horse of the Syrian regime inside Lebanese society.

2- Bring the government down for its responsibility in this terrifying rampant insecurity due to its impotence and division, and replace it with a government of national salvation that is homogeneous, made up of statesmen of the highest caliber who are extraordinary individuals for an extraordinary time.

3- Internationalize the Lebanese question altogether by placing Lebanon under international custody, requesting the deployment of UN forces to protect the Lebanese people, dispatch the army to the southern and eastern borders, and shut down all passage points and land access between Syria and Lebanon across which terrorists, weapons, explosives and booby-trapped cars keep pouring in the country.

When it was formed, the government promised us a transition from a security state to a secure state. Neither has the security state ended, nor has a secure state ushered in. The government also promised to provide security before economic recovery, but the people today have neither. So can this government tell us on what grounds should it stay on??? It better leave and let others who are more capable take over.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
December 16, 2005