The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following weekly communiqué:

The holiday season is upon us and Lebanon has freed itself from the heinous Syrian occupation that weighed on the land and on the soul of the Lebanese people for thirty years. Yet, unfortunately, one cannot rejoice at the holidays given the general state of things after the end of the occupation.

We should have been truly celebrating with the Lebanese people, for the first time since 1975, a holiday we all have waited for so long, because the persistence of the crisis and the occupation made us refrain from doing that in the past, without losing hope. But the recovery by Lebanon of its freedom, independence and free decision-making, which cost the nation thousands of victims and martyrs and huge losses, and which culminated in two memorable events – the demonstration of March 14 and the Syrian withdrawal of April 26 – did not materialize as expected. We fear that, yet again, we have lost a golden opportunity that rarely presents itself to a people enjoying the will to free itself combined with unprecedented international support.

However, in order not to spoil the joy of the holidays for the Lebanese people, in spite of everything, we ask them, before we ask their leadership that came together in the Independence Uprising, to decide for themselves as they did when they gathered on Freedom Square on that great historic day, and prove to the world their unity and their worthiness for life and glory.

We call on the Lebanese people to take another historic stand that forces the custodians over their fate and future to genuinely act and cease to distract themselves with petty and narrow interests, and regain the momentum and spirit of March 14. They must impose on everyone, inside and outside the country, a solution that is worthy of their sacrifices and the sacrifice of those who perished for the cause: A Lebanon that is free from any foreign soldier and from any tutelage. It is illogical for us not to be aware that the occupation is gone for good and there is no going back. There is nothing strange about the fact that the leaders, the men, and all the other residues of the occupation must fall. There is nothing shameful about mobilizing the international community to stand by us hand in hand because not only this is our salvation, but the salvation of the international community itself. Lebanon was, and continues to be, as we said in 1980, the last obstacle that defends the civilized world against the attacks of fanaticism, barbarism and terrorism. There is no justification, in light of the above, for the leaders of March 14 not to meet again around a unified vision for Lebanon that will rescue it out of its current predicament. There are no excuses for those who do not heed the call by the people, because the voice of the people is from the voice of God.

And the Lebanese people, like God, are patient but do not forget.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
December 23, 2005