Free Lebanon Movement

Statement to the Press Conference of APRIL 23, 1999
-The Lebanese Information and Research Center [LIRC] US and
-The Human Rights Organization Cedar Watch, Australia.

After studying the nine questions presented by Dr. Rachid Rahmeh and Mr. Steve Stanton, we found the following valuable answers to the questions asked.

  1. The Domination of Lebanon by Syria has transformed what was democratic Lebanon into a repressive police state, and replaced Democracy with the fearful Syrian secret services that operate with no mercy in front of an
    incompetent Lebanese State. The Totalitarian regime of Syria has imposed on the Lebanese a sophisticated program of torture and despotism.
  2. After that the Taef Accord were not respected, the long lasting Syrian occupation of Lebanon is serving to erase the Lebanese identity and the Syrian installed Lebanese Government is leading the Syrianization of
    Lebanon with all its Political and Administrative institutions.
  3. The only document that can lead us to the Freedom of Lebanon is the U.N Resolution 520, which calls for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon, the Syrian Army and the Israeli Army. We are asking the Free
    World and the US Administration to implement this Resolution.
  4. The implementation of Resolution 520 will oblige the Syrians to withdraw from Lebanon, and give the occasion for the Lebanese to organize new elections, and overcome their tragic situation between themselves. It will
    free also the Iron Grip that the Syrian secret service is holding on all Lebanese Institutions specially the judicial system which is being used for Syrian political purposes to " punish " the Christian community that seeks a Liberated Lebanon and a Lebanon that would sign a Peace Treaty with Israel.
  5. While Former Presidents, has been killed by the Syrians to terrorize the Lebanese Community. Such as President Bashir Gemayal, President Rene Moawad, Spiritual Leaders has been assassinated, such as Cheikh Hassan Khaled, Leaders has been sent to exile, and who posed a treat to the Syrian interests has been condemned to Prison such as the case of Dr. Geagea. It is a shame that the judicial system has been used as a legal weapon to kneel the Christian community who is opposing the Syrian presence in Lebanon.
  6. We urge all the Lebanese to focus on the UN Resolution 520, which would be a starting point to the Liberation of all Lebanon from all foreign forces. It will give also confidence to the Lebanese to solve their problems between each other's far from any Syrian threat. We urge the Lebanese to put all their potential in order to organize a strong campaign in this direction.

    We thank Dr. Rahme and Mr. Stanton for their efforts they are giving the Lebanese cause in the name of Freedom and Justice, Our best regards to them we wish them a very successful Conference in New York.

    California, 23rd of April 1999