Articles related to the arrests of Guardian of the Cedars members.
(updated 19/1/2004)

Here you can read all articles we have found about the arrest of anti-Syrian activists Claude Hajjar and Habib Younes.
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The Daily Star  March 27, 2002:

MP Gemayel terms Younes verdict ‘political’

The Daily Star  March 26, 2002:

Hindi 3 Years, Younis 3 Years, Bassil 4 Years

L'Orient Le Jour  March 8 2002:

Le tribunal militaire rendra son verdict jeudi Habib Younès


L'Orient Le Jour  February 28 2002:

Le tribunal militaire rendra son verdict jeudi prochain


The Daily Star  December 12, 2001:

Younes, Bassil, Saqr and Saba indicted

Al-hayat  December 11, 2001:

Habib and the rest of the GoC indicted


Al-hayat  October 2001:

Authorities refused to allow Habib to attend his father's funeral


RSF  Aug - Sept 2003:

3 articles from the RSF

AFP  October 18, 2003:

Jailed journalist (Habib Younes) asks Chirac for help

The Daily Star  August 30, 2001:

Harb: Confessions were dictated by investigators...

The Daily Star  August 29, 2001:

Hindi’s interrogation postponed

The Daily Star  August 28, 2001:

Claude Hajjar back on hook

The Daily Star  August 24, 2001:

Hajjar fights back: ‘I’ve never seen an Israeli’