In the Name of Lebanon, the Guardians of the Cedars
and the Free Lebanese Voices.

We call upon the free world, to look and analyze the situation of Lebanon in general and in particular the situation in south Lebanon.

The free world celebrated the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon on May 24th 2000 by pushing Israel to implement U.N resolution 425 that called on the Israeli troops to pull out of Lebanon, and the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon.

Part of the UN resolution 425 was a directive to the United Nation's Peace-Keeping mission in Lebanon to check and re-check the borders and finally to make sure that the 425 was implemented after Israel's withdrawal.

On the other hand the United nation plus the free world, starting with the United States of America, France and Great Britain neglected to push or pressure the Lebanese government from deploying in the south.

Results: the deployment of Hizballah (the group that the US State Department identifies as a terrorist group involved in the kidnaping of the American and European journalist in the mid 80's in Lebanon) throughout the region Israel withdrew from, violated international Peace by having violent demonstrations, throwing stones, and Molotov cocktails on a daily basis at the Lebanese Israeli borders, invading Israeli territory and kidnaping 3 Israeli soldiers from within Israel.

Now, HizbAllah terrorists are infiltrating the Christian villages of South Lebanon and installing their missiles between the civilian homes, supposedly for the protection of the civilians in South Lebanon.

Finally: we ask president Clinton of the USA, Chirac of France and prime minister Tony Blair of England and U.N security general Mr. Koffy Anan to wake up and think of us as people who deserve to live as one of your children; we deserve a better attitude from your governments; our kids deserve a better future; we have not done any thing wrong; we were born under the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and that was not our choice. They call us traitors in Lebanon; they are humiliating our children and loved ones in the Lebanese prisons for no valid reasons..

The Israeli withdrawal was suppose to be a good thing, a liberation for our land from the occupier, instead it made our land a killing ground for Hizballah and Syrian intelligence. Our people are suppressed and frightened, with two thousand of our young men in prisons. Hizballah dominates the area, and women and children are terrified by what they see on a daily basis: (Moslem militant signs and banners). Hate is directed at these helpless targets, for the Islamic radicals know they are the wives and children of "traitors" and now these hapless victims must witness the sight of missiles and cannons placed between their homes.

President Clinton, would you allow Chelsea to be living in such an environment? Then why should our kids? The answer for this whole situation is within your capacity to solve as president of the mightiest power on earth.

A member of the Guardians of the Cedars.

USA, 10-10-2000