Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
General Directorate.

September 15/2000

The Central Leadership for the Guardians of the Cedars Party-The Lebanese Resistance Movement, held its weekly meeting on September 15/2000 in the Holy Land. The party’s Leader, Mr. Abu Arz presided over the session - all board members were present.
Items on the agenda included the refugees in Israel, the displaced, and the detainees in Beirut’s regime jails. At the end of the session the following statement was issued:

The Guardians of the Cedars Party – the Lebanese Resistance Movement, would like to make the Lebanese people as well as the regional and international countries aware of the fact that the Southern Lebanese currently taking refugee in Israel are not traitors or collaborators as tagged arbitrarily by both the Lebanese and Syrian regimes. They are patriotic, honest and decent genuine Lebanese citizens and are entitled to receive all the help needed for an immediate safe return to their homes and land with dignity and without pre-set conditions. At the same time thousands of our southern citizens who have been detained illegally and arbitrarily in Lebanon’s jails since Israel’s withdrawal must be released and their human rights respected.

Based on these facts the party would like to clarify the following issues:

  1. Following the withdrawal of Israel’s troops from South Lebanon in accordance to the UN Resolution 425, thousands of peaceful Southern Lebanese citizens, and hundreds of SLA members were forced to escape Israel fearing for their lives.
  2. The current presence of thousands of Lebanese refugees, from all denominations in Israel, indicates clearly that none of them trusts the Lebanese-Syrian installed regime. It is also worth mentioning that thousands of SLA members and Southern citizens who trusted the Beirut regime and surrendered to its security forces are detained arbitrarily and sentenced harshly with forged charges.
  3. The number one condition for national conciliation that the Beirut regime brags about, is an unconditional, safe, internationally guaranteed return of the Lebanese refugees in Israel. Their return should be implemented with dignity, respect, honor and an immediate cessation of all legal cases forged against them. The Southern people who were helped and supported by Israel during the last 25 years have refused continuously to give the Jewish State anything in return on the account of their country and patriotism. They bitterly found during the current ordeal that Israel has embraced them, while Lebanon, their country has been after their heads.
  4. The return of the Lebanese in exile, especially the patriotic leaders, is seriously hindered by the presence of Syria’s occupation troops and its iron fist hegemony on the whole of Lebanon. Human rights of thousands of Lebanese citizens are infringed on by the Lebanese-Syrian appointed regime. They are forced by fear for their lives to remain in exile.
  5. The party calls on all individuals, Clergymen and politicians involved in Lebanon’s public affairs to stop all mercenary attitudes, and put an immediate end to their opportunistic stances. They should stop abusing the holy sacrifices of thousands of martyrs who offered their precious lives on Lebanon’s altar. The most painful situation a patriot might encounter is a tag of collaboration with the enemy. At the same time, treason is the most traumatic injustice that could be inflicted on a patriotic fighter for defending his country.
  6. Settlement of half a million Palestinian refugees, and the so-called re-organization of the Palestinian existence in Lebanon are two faces of the same coin. Our party has called continuously for the expulsion of all Palestinian refugees out of Lebanon. At present all Lebanese leaders, from all nominations are adopting the same stance, especially President Emile Lahoud.

History will have no mercy, all acts are documented, and the Day of Judgment is not far.

God Bless Lebanon
Abu Arz