Syria occupies 90% of the lebanese territories while Israel occupies 10% of the territory along its northern borders.

The strange phenomena is that the whole world is upset about the Israeli occupation, yet no one is mentioning the Syrian occupation.

In addition to the Syrian military occupation, Syria occupies the capital of Lebanon (Government, parliament and the presidency) which means that the Lebanese political decisions are in the hands of the Syrians.

Another strange aspect is that Lebanon which is a democratic regime is occupied by the Syrian totalitarian regime, and democracy in Lebanon is vanishing day by day. Is it not strange that the U.S. government is "silent" towards this dangerous fact?

Hizbollah and the Islamic radical groups acting in south Lebanon against Israel and the Lebanese inside the Security Zone, are totally supported and backed by the Syrians. This means that Syria is waging a real war against Israel but through Lebanon and the Lebanese terrorist factions.

The only solution to stop the war in south Lebanon, in particular, and to solve the Lebanese crisis in general, is to remove the Syrians from Lebanon through the implementation of the U.N. resolution no. 520 and not through the U.N. resolution no. 425.

U.N. resolution no. 425 says to remove only the Israeli forces from Lebanon.

U.N. resolution no. 520 says to remove all foreign forces from Lebanon.

Therefore, if the United States government is really willing to find a radical solution for the long tradegy of Lebanon, we urge it to be fair and to focus on the more dangerous Syrian occupation.

Etienne Sakr (Abu Arz)
Leader of the Guardians of the Cedars.
March 23, 1999