Reflections on the Kosovo situation.

The Lebanese Front has the following comments concerning the present events in Kosovo:

The people in Lebanon are closely following, with great interest and intrigue, the political and military events in the Kosovo region, due to the similarity to the situation that is taking place in Lebanon, by presenting to the world public opinion the following realities:

  1. The free world has assembled all it's political, and military power to prevent the totalitarian regime in Yugoslavia from invading the Kosovo region, when the world remained silent, even complaisant to the barbaric invasion of Lebanon by the totalitarian regime in Syria, that permitted the Syrians a complete control of the Government and the people of Lebanon, since 1990 until this date.
  2. If the Yugoslav army has committed atrocities against the Kosovar, what does the free world say about the mass killing of the Lebanese elderly, women and children by the Syrian Armies, that has by far exceeded the crimes committed in Kosovo? In addition to the sophisticated operation of torture and ethnic purification that the Syrian armies have taken pleasure in accomplishing in Lebanon, resulting in the mass exodus of the Lebanese from their villages, and forcing them  to immigrate seeking refuge from the oppression and humiliation?
  3. Does the free world know that the long lasting Syrian invasion of Lebanon has become a part of the Syrian equation? And the so-called government in Lebanon is a puppet in the Syrian hands? And the Lebanese identity is disappearing, and that independence and autonomy are things of the past?
  4. Does the free world know that the Syrian invaders have transformed Lebanon into a large prison, and the Lebanese system to a police state? Where young Lebanese men and women are arrested and tortured daily, and that Syrian prisons are crowded with Lebanese held and tortured for many years now. Without any information or public acknowledgement even from the world's human rights organisations?
  5. Does the free world know, according to a Government study, that more than 2 million Syrian workers flocked into Lebanon taking away Lebanese jobs and creating a massive financial, economic and demographic catastrophe for all of Lebanon? And that many industries and commercial institutions have closed their doors one after the other, causing unemployment and chasing Lebanese out of their country, where at the same time, Syrians have become the master in our Lebanon, looting and killing as they may please?
  6. And does the free world know that the terrorism and the constant attacks by the extremist fundamentalist in the South against our people in Jezzine and the southern border, are completely sponsored and supported by the Syrian regime a great ally of Iran? And that these organisations have become a country within Lebanon?

If the free world know these realities and does not react, then it is a serious catastrophe, but if the free world is not aware of the situation, then it is a greater catastrophe!

If this world is really defending freedom and democracy for all people, the why is the free world silent towards the horrible invasion of our country, and deaf towards the violated democracy of our land? Has this world forgotten that freedom and democracy were born in our holy land, at the time when the world was in deep ignorance and oppression? In any case, we would like to reconfirm to this so-called free world, that we have decided to continue our resistance against the Syrian invasion, even alone, because we will not allow our martyr's memories, our people's sacrifices, our orphans' and widows' tears to go to waste, until we are either defeated and excused or we will be victorious and Lebanon will be victorious with us.

United States of America,
April 2nd, 1999
President of the Lebanese Front
Commander of the Guardians of the Cedars

Etienne Sakr (Abu Arz)