Press Release from the Guardians of the Cedars

August 22/2000

The Central Committee for the Guardians of the Cedars Party, the Lebanese Resistance Movement, held its regular weekly meeting on August 22/2000. The meeting was presided by Abu Arz, the partyís Chairman, and attended by all the Committee members. At the end of the meeting the following release was issued in response to a mockery statement made by Syriaís Foreign Minister, Mr. Farouk Al-Sharaa, few days ago:

Every now and then, Syriaís Foreign Minister, Mr. Farouk Al-Sharaa issues disgusting pompous statements interfering in Lebanonís internal affairs and infringes on its independence and sovereignty. In this context the Guardians of the Cedars party would like to elaborate on the following facts.

  1. Currently, Syria occupies all Lebanon and fully controls its puppet regime. It is a known fact that Lebanese officials are mere Syrian puppets. They can not take any decision without pre- approval from their Syrian masters, the Syrians. At the present time, all the Lebanese public institutions are fully run by The Syrian occupier.
  2. Lebanonís Parliament as well as its Government are both Syrian made, Syrian installed and Syrian controlled. Accordingly either of them is capable, or will ever have the courage to ask for Syrian withdrawal form Lebanon. Once these subservient do ask the Syrians to leave, it means they are committing suicide, because without the Syrian occupation they can not stay in power, and most probably will be put on trial for treason.
  3. We call on the free world countries to help in promoting for an initiative from the United Nation to deploy UNFIL troops in all the Lebanese territories. We demand after that a free general Lebanese public referendum on keeping or rejecting Syrian occupation. We are confident in advance that the people of Lebanon will say no to this Stalinist occupier.
  4. We call on the United Nations to implement UN Resolution # 520 immediately. The whole world will then witness the Lebanese patriotic choices in a free parliamentary election. Under milieus of freedom the people of Lebanon will elect MPís who represent their hopes, aspirations and patriotic ambitions. The people of Lebanon through democracy will fire and alienate all the current Lebanese-Syrian appointed MPís and installed subservient officials.

It is worth mentioning that Lebanonís major on going problem remains the Syrian occupation. For Lebanon to have peace and for the Lebanese to reclaim their countryís independence, Syria must leave and withdraw its occupation troops and their auxiliaries. In the same context all Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon, civilians and militants alike, should leave too. Only, and only then, Lebanon can celebrate liberation, victory and enjoy sovereignty.

Long Live Free Lebanon

Abu Arz

Party Chairman